Austin Aries Has Praise Words For Neville

Cruiserweight division is not doing great on Monday Night Raw as it looks that they haven’t really gotten the chance to shine since they made their debut last September. These guys haven’t been given enough time to show out their characters and abilities to the fans. It is no wonder that they haven’t gotten over with the WWE Universe as the company hasn’t presented them in the right way.

Right now, two wrestlers are carrying the entire division on their back. Neville and Austin Aries have battled for the title for over three months now. It has been a good feud so far as they have had a couple of great matches and a decent storyline. They have been given a lot of time considering that WWE doesn’t seem to do that on a consistent basis when it comes to cruiserweights. They are over with the fans, there is no doubt about that, but the same can’t be said for the rest of the guys on the roster.

Aries has recently spoken about the state of the division, as well as the man that he worked with for a couple of months in the biggest feud that cruiserweights had so far on the main roster.

Neville is a highly accomplished guy who is as talented as any guy in the company and my accolades speak for themselves and I have some name notoriety from being in the game a while. If we’re able to stabilize it and that includes Brian Kendrick and bringing in Tajiri for a short time to allow time for some of those guys who will make their names over the next ten years, that’s a winning formula.”