Top Brands Of Auto Accessories For Adventure Seekers

The idea of going on a road trip and doing activities that are more adventurous than your usual plans may sound extremely exciting for you, but planning a road trip requires spending a lot of time in your vehicle.

Setting up a comfortable, safe, and efficient environment inside your car is crucial when going on a road trip. Luckily, with today’s technology you will find everything you need for your car.


HUDWAY is a California-based company that has completely changed driving for everyone all over the world. HUDWAY is famously known for its head-up display for cars where drivers can project their GPS navigation on maps, texts, and music right onto a transparent screen ahead of them instead of looking on to their right or left where their phone is mounted.

Their products have a light sensor that makes the projection of your phone’s screen easy to see day and night. It’s easy to use by installing app on iOS and Android devices, and then simply pairing it through connecting it via Bluetooth.

HUDWAY made its product not only easy to use, but also easy to mount. Their device also offers add-ons for safe driving such as night vision thermal camera, rear view camera, and side view cameras for blind spots.

Handpresso Auto Hybrid Coffee Maker

David at loves making coffee for his friends and family while car camping all summer long:

“Why suffer through your road trip by drinking coffee that’s not made out of your favorite coffee beans,” David says. “Handpresso is a machine that was created to help drivers make espresso coffee anywhere in only two minutes.”

This portable barista-like espresso maker can be plugged into the 12-volt cigarette lighter plug and is small enough to fit it in the cup holder.

The Handpresso Auto comes with two portafilters for E.S.E. pods and ground coffee, and a cup for water measuring.

Skycamp Rooftop Tent


iKamper’s innovative Skycamp Rooftop Tent takes 1 minute to set up and is large enough to fit 4 people inside.

When you set up your spacious Skycamp, you will fall in love with its king-size mattress flooring that will let you and your family sleep comfortably anywhere you decide to camp.

Skycamp is not only the largest hardshell rooftop tent, it also includes a skyview window if you decide to close your eyes while enjoying the stars at night.

AutoXscape Lifesaving Tool

Going on an adventure can take you far away to an area that takes a long time for another car to pass by you, which is very scary for bad situations.

If you ever find yourself in a serious emergency, you would be glad you have the autoXscape vehicle-mounted lifesaving tool. This military-grade aluminum multi-tool is waterproof and can be used in three different ways.

AutoXscape can cut through a seatbelt that got stuck by using it as a blade, it can be turned into a window breaker using the window glass punch made of steel, and use it as a flashlight that has an SOS mode built in.

It can also be mounted anywhere in your car for you to immediately grab in case of any emergency.

Inflatable Car Bed

If you’re not a fan of sleeping in a tent, Autocastle has an extendable airbed for you.

The inflatable mattress is placed in your back seat to create a comfy bed to sleep on for a restful night after driving long hours. It’s also perfect for the nights when it’s too cold and windy to sleep outside of your car.

Autocastle’s inflatable bed can fit SUVs and smaller cars, and it comes with 2 pillows, a repair kit, and an inflator/deflator.

TrailNest Rooftop Hammock

Have you ever found yourself dreaming of going on a road trip and watching the stars on a beautiful night? Well, that dream is now even better with the rooftop hammock created by TrailNest.

This rooftop hammock can be attached to the roof of your car and avoid having to deal with looking for trees to set up your hammock on.

The hammock is easily installed on top your vehicle, the next step is to place the fabric on the arms after you unlock them to connect the hammock. If your car is big enough, you can install two hammocks for you and your adventure buddy.

Rack-Mounted Road Shower

This water tank can hold 4, 7, and 10 gallons of water for you to take a shower anytime you need it during your road trip.

Road Shower is the first portable shower that can be heated through the power of the sun. You can now enjoy the amazing water pressure of your home by using a hand pump or garden hose.

The Road Shower can easily be installed on top of your vehicle and it shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to install.

Sunsbell Electric Kettle Boiler

Do you have a love for drinking tea or love making a spicy warm bowl of instant ramen? Sunsbell Electric Kettle boiler is the answer for boiled water whenever you need it.

Plug in your electric kettle in your car’s lighter outlet and you will have boiled water in 45 minutes right in your hands.

This kettle boiler has been designed to fit perfectly in your car’s cup holder and it comes with a sealed rubber band on the lid to prevent spilling and leaking in your vehicle.

Rain-X Windshield Washer Fluid


This brilliant innovative washer fluid is perfect to use when driving on a road trip. This formula helps to fight against road grime and removes light snow.

A simple spray of Rain-X will create a hydrophobic layer on your windshield to prevent the use of your wipers when it’s raining.

If you happen to be going on an adventure to an area that will have pouring rain or a lot of snow, it is recommended to check your windshield wiper arms to make sure it’s working correctly.