3 Must-Haves for Automating DIY Home Improvement Projects


If you have been always dreaming about implementing some automation in your home, it is time to do so. Now, you can buy some actuators, and create just anything. Of course, some tools are needed, and some skills are required.

Are you ready? So, let us have a look at the most common DIY home automation projects. You will learn what things are needed for them, and how the entire process goes on.

Project 1: A TV Lift


An automated TV lift has been a sign of wealth for quite a long time. And indeed, a ready item costs a lot, not everybody can afford it. However, you can make one on your own.

According to this site to build a lift for a TV screen, you need:

  • Wood-cutting tools;
  • A set of screwdrivers;
  • A couple of actuators.
  • If you want to install a TV lift in a cabinet, you need also a cabinet.

Choose actuators properly. The functionality of your TV lift and the safety of the device will depend on your choice. Pay attention to the following specifications:

  • Force: the actuators shall be able to move the TV up and down.
  • Stroke length: the actuators move at a distance sufficient for the TV set to appear and be hidden.
  • Noise generation level: if you don’t want to be suffering whenever you want to watch TV or hide the TV set, choose actuators that work silently.
  • Control options: it is better to add a nice and comfortable remote control to the set.

Now, when everything is ready, you can advance with the project.

Fixing a TV in a cabinet is, probably, the most convenient and least demanding option.

  • Make a wooden box to secure the TV set. Fix the TV set in the box. Another option is to order a platform for TV and fix your TV on the platform.
  • Now, install the actuators. The bottom side is fixed inside to the bottom of the cabinet. In the cabinet top, make an opening. Use the wood cutting tools you have prepared. Make the opening big enough to allow the TV box to pass.
  • Now, fix the box on the actuators. Test whether the installation works. If everything functions smoothly, fix the TV set and enjoy.

If your choice is a TV lift that appears from behind a furniture piece, the principle of installation is the same. For such an installation though, it is better to buy a special lift system to ensure the TV set is safe.

Project 2: A Lifting Column


Your kitchen is one of the places where you spend a lot of time. Of course, you want to make it maximally functional. But not all devices can be fitted there.

If you have been dreaming about a new kitchen appliance that shall facilitate your tasks significantly, consider installing a special lifting column in one of the kitchen cabinets. The entire process looks as follows:

  • Choose a linear actuator, follow the above-mentioned criteria to select the needed model. Now, proceed with the following steps:
  • Fix the actuator on the cabinet bottom.
  • In the cabinet top, make an opening so that the device passes freely (be careful to avoid damages to the cutout piece, you might want to use it later).
  • Make a platform that closes the opening in the cabinet top.
  • Fix the platform on the actuator.
  • Install the device on the platform and fix it for security.
  • Test whether the installation works properly.

In the extended position, the device shall be on the cabinet surface. The platform shall close the opening in the cabinet top. In the retracted position, the platform shall lower the device to hide it completely.

For aesthetics purposes and better functionality, you might want to close the opening in the top. Make a cap, its colour and texture shall be similar to the colour and texture of the cabinet top. You can also use the same piece that you have removed to make the opening. Fix the cap on hinges, and it will open when the device moves up, and close when the device is hidden.

Think about how many such lift columns with platforms you need in your kitchen to install all the equipment you have ever wished to have. Now, it is possible.

Project 3: A Bed-Lift for Additional Storage


Now, we would mention a project that is not so common but it can be useful indeed. If you are struggling to find a comfortable place to store your things, you can try this project.

Under your bed, there is a lot of space that is not used at all. Make a box, the dimensions shall be just right to move the box under the bed. To the bed frame, install an actuator or a couple of them. The other side of the actuator is fixed to the box top.

When the actuator extends, it moves one side of the bed frame up by opening the box. You can store things in the box or take them out when needed. For more comfort, you can consider fixing some compartments in the box or divide it in any other way to make the use maximally convenient.

If you have a bed with a storage place beneath, you can automate the bed frame to make the storage more convenient to use. The same can be done with a sofa.

Such a project makes the use not only convenient but safe, too. Linear actuators are made with a special mechanism. If they break down or if the electricity is off, such an actuator gets blocked in the same position. You might not worry that it crashes down on your head.

Bottom Line

There are many interesting ideas that can be implemented with the application of linear actuators, some basic tools, and skills. Check your house and think about what you would like to improve there. Have a look at the options recommended on the internet. Get the needed details and accessories, and move on.