Avatar 2 – What To Expect?


Avatar was one of those movies that had a profound impact on the film industry and fans have been patiently waiting for part 2, but that won’t happen until 2024. However, there is a young group of actors who will be on Pandora with Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington.

Avatar’s human who became Na’vi hero, played by Sam Worthington and his lover Neytiri, portrayed by Zoe Saldana have an offspring, who is going to play a major role in the sequels with the first one scheduled to begin September 25. These blockbuster follow-ups are going to be called Avatar Sequels.

It is the first time we can have a look at the young actors who are playing Sully’s family, but there are also kids from another Na’vi clan, called the Metkayina. This tribe lives on massive oceanic atoll reefs, whereas their ruler is called Tonowari, played by Cliff Curtis.


Of course, the photo shows the actors in real-life and not as blue cat-eyed Na’vi. We leave that to your imagination. The kid in the blue shirt on the right is Jack Champion, who is going to portray Javier “Spider” Socorro, born at the Hell’s Gate military complex.


Having the children in Avatar 2 is a large shift of focus compared to the first movie, according to producer Jon Landau. He said: “We never had this youthful element before, and that brings a different kind of energy to the film. They represent the future generation of Pandora and play a very significant role — not just in this movie but throughout all the movies.”

James Cameron has spent years to create scripts for future Avatar films, the first of which is going to be premiered on December 18, 2024. The only bad thing is that we have been waiting for this one for eight years, and we need to be patient for three more. But there has been a break between Cameron’s Titanic and Avatar which lasted 12 years, and as a result, Avatar passed Titanic as the highest-grossing film of all time. Hopefully, Avatar 2 is worth of wait.


“Nobody is watching Avatar [on home video] or waiting in four-hour lines at Disney’s World of Avatar or going to the sold-out Cirque du Soleil shows because of the film’s 3-D,” Landau points out. “People respond because of the movie’s characters, themes, and emotions—and we have all that again. When the cast read what Jim Cameron wrote [for the sequels], it hit them with even greater resonance than the first movie.”