Azure Blockchain has Microsoft as a Partner for Project Bletchley

Microsoft Campus
The Visitor’s Center at Microsoft Headquarters campus is pictured July 17, 2014 in Redmond, Washington. (Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)

The Azure Blockchain as a Service was launched back in November 2015, and since then Microsoft has partnered with many businesses and organizations to get feedback on how they can improve it before they can enroll the platform on a large scale to the various enterprises out there.

Microsoft, however, has revealed some of its plans to address these issues as it revealed the Project Bletchley on June 15th. The Project is seen as Microsoft vision for an open, modular blockchain fabric that is powered by Azure. Blockchain is the same technology that is used in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

Blockchain Technology

Certainly the technology has more uses beyond the Bitcoin use. The blockchain technology is a distributed and shared ledger which can store all the transaction history of cryptocurrency and also any other kind of record. Therefore, the technology is useful to many of the enterprises especially to those that are in the banking and finance industry.

The Project Bletchley now encompasses two components: the Blockchain middleware and cryptlets. A Microsoft paper which explained the Project Bletchley, the blockchain middleware will be used to provide some core cloud services such as identity, and the operations management and will also include some intelligence services such as analytics and machine learning.

The document also shows that cryptlets, which in some circles is known to be a new building block of blockchain technology can provide an interop and communication between the Azure and the public and private clouds, the ecosystem middleware and any other customer technologies which might be of importance.

Microsoft says that the open source technologies from the Project will act as some of the building blocks for the ecosystem. Some of them include supporting the open standards for level protocol implementations of the Peer-2-Peer/networking, consensus, database and the virtual machines. The diagram which Microsoft has in mind shows that Azure and not any other cloud service might be the only option for Bletchley.

More details about the Project will be revealed later at the company’s Worldwide Partner Conference, which will take place in mid-July in Toronto.

The naming of the project is thought to be a reference to the Bletchley Park, which was the central site used by and for the Britain’s code breakers during the days of the World War ll.