Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Release Date

Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 debuted on August 2, 2016, reaching the number of 4.628 million viewers. Slowly, as the reality series was drawing near to its end, the rating was getting higher which means that it managed to win the hearts of the audience. And now, the fans are wondering whether they should expect the next season of their favorite series.

To many fans delight, as the Season 3 was airing its finale, Michelle Collins said that the Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise is going to happen. One could have as easily assumed that this would be the producers’ final decision, due to the support the series is getting from its audience.

The score the Bachelor in Paradise is having on IMDB is 4.8/10, on the basis of total 580 votes, and it has three reviews in total, one from critics and two from viewers. On the other hand, SideReel marked it with 3.34/10. We can only say that those are not impressive results, but obviously, this one has a lot of fans.

This show represents a spin-off of the American reality television shows called The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. This spin-off involves the contestants of the original shows, who are now in search of their love while also being driven by winning the prize on the coast of Mexico. Now, the question which can be posed is: who will be the new participants of this amazing show and which novelties can we expect from the season that is scheduled to come soon?

Having in mind the large success the Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise achieved upon airing, ABC market the series the sequel. But they have still not announced its release date. So, stay tuned as we will deliver that information as soon as we find out!