Backstreet Boys to Celebrate 2019 with New Album DNA and World Tour

Our own favorite Backstreet Boys will celebrate the beginning of 2019 by releasing their latest album ‘DNA’. They preceded the album with the single ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart‘ which was released in May 2018 and is the lead single from the album.

With the unmitigated success of that song, registering 34 million views on YouTube alone, the Backstreet Boys went on to release the next single from the album ‘Chances’, and it was also a success. As such, Backstreet Boys have set a date for the release of their album on the 25th of January 2019.

At first, Backstreet Boys were a boy band and their distinctive factor was the harmony of the vocals of the members of the band. Not boys any longer, they still have that harmony between them.

The album DNA will serve as a comeback for the band since their last album had been in 2013 – ‘In A World Like This’. DNA will also act as a celebration of the 25th anniversary since the initiation of the band.

To promote it the band has also decided on a world tour, and is scheduled to start on 11th may in Portugal. It will go on till late September, touring major cities of Europe, USA, UK, and Canada.

Kevin, Nick, Howie, Mclean, and Brian – the original members of Backstreet Boys are once more putting their efforts together and going right up to visit their fans. The band had always been known as the topmost selling band, and the forecast from the singles that had been released shows that the band is still well-loved and sought out.

DNA is the culmination of the styles and influences of the band members. As such, they named it DNA; it represents who they are, individually and as a group. Of course, some of the songs are written by songwriters, not from the band like Shawn Mendes, Stuart Crichton, Mike Sabbath, among others.

It seems that Backstreet Boys have many plans and that this album and tour are just the beginning. All grown up and having made other efforts, each one on his own, they are once more committed to making their band once more like a great band not just in terms of sales but as a band with a huge fan following.

The album will also be available online but not until its official release. Tickets for all the live shows of the tour will be available for purchase as early as November 14, 2018.

It is interesting to find out what this wonderful band has to give their fans, so purchasing Backstreet Boys tickets without service fees as soon as possible before they run out is optimum. Venues have also been specified and are listed online, so it is easy to choose the one nearest to your place of residence.

BSB, as the Backstreet Boys are known, have never failed their fans, so we wait with bated breath for their upcoming album DNA.