Ballers Season 3 Change of locations and Dwayne Johnson in San Francisco

Ballers show is back with its third season which is currently being filmed in San Francisco. The series setting has been transferred from Florida to California. This has, of course, resulted in Dwayne’s departure from Miami to Los Angeles in order to start working on the third sequel of the popular TV Show.

According to Dwayne and his new Instagram post, even though his wish was to stay in Miami and continue filming there, this change of locations will only bring benefits to the show as it will only prosper this way in Los Angeles:

“I’m excited to bring our @HBO’s #Ballers to California for SEASON 3. Of course we wanted to keep production in Miami, but the rebate was no longer in our favor. West Coast is a great $business move for us and most importantly we’ll create thousands of jobs for hard working locals, vendors, actors and crew.”

Some of the locations of San Francisco which will be used in making this sequel are Embarcadero and Folsom Streets as well as The Fairmont Hotel.

Hoodlin has also given some information on other locations and their time of filming. Namely, the show will also film at North Beach’s San Remo Hotel (2237 Mason St.) today, Huntington Park on Monday, Jones and California Sts on Wednesday and at a cafe at Pine and Leavenworth on Friday, Feb. 3, which will be the very last day of filming.

Besides Dwayne The Rock Johnson, the show will also be starring: Rob Corddry, Donovan W. Carter, John David Washington, Omar Benson Miller and Jay Glazer.