Baltimore Ravens vs. Jacksonville Jaguars – Week 3 Picks And Predictions

Baltimore Ravens have always bounced back after having a bad season, and we know that the last one was pretty disappointing. That seems to be the case this year as well. They are off to a 2-0 start and have a great chance to remain undefeated after Week 3. The game schedule does not include strongest teams, and they are taking advantage of that.

Ravens’ defense is looking good this season. Even though their opponents weren’t the greatest, their defense is challenging. They always manage to find the guys that are able to fit their system, and they always get the most out of them. That was the secret to their success in the past.

Jacksonville is one of those 0-2 teams after playing two games. They are desperate and will go all out on their own turf to get the win. Blake Bortles and company have a good connection; the offense is good, and they will put that Ravens’ defense to the test. Robinson, Thomas, and those guys need to step up on Sunday.

And we are predicting that Jags offense will be clicking on all cylinders on Sunday. Bortles has the weapons to put up huge numbers every week and he should do that against the Ravens. Their defense will bend more often than not, but not break. Jacksonville should pull it off this week and move up to 1-2 this week after this 30:24 win against Baltimore.