Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers – Week 16 Picks And Predictions

Ravens and Steelers are in the same division, so that means they are meeting twice every year. Those two games are probably the most physical matches of the year as these two squads just go at each other. The rivalry is big between these two since they are always competing for a Playoff spot or a divisional title. The same will be on the line in this matchup as well.

Le’Veon Bell has been a stud for the Steelers ever since he came back from that three-game suspension. Three down backs are rare in the NFL these days, and Bell is just that. He is an explosive playmaker that knows how to make people miss. His patience is unbelievable as he appears to start running slow, but then you turn around, and you see him gain 7+ yards. Ravens have one of the best defenses in the NFL, so Steelers’ running game will be the key for them on offense.

If the passing game is not working, we expect Le’Veon Bell to see a lot of touches out of the backfield as a runner and as a pass catching running back on screen plays.

Ravens offense has been stagnant at times this season as Flacco has failed to move the chains with consistency. Their running game is not helping him at all since they don’t have that consistent threat in running game.

In their first meeting, Mike Wallace had a 95-yard catch and ran all the way to the end zone. If the Steelers can stop that kind of plays, we think they are in a good position.

If the Steelers win this duel, they are the divisional winner, and they are going to the Playoffs. If Ravens end up victorious, they will be ahead of Pittsburgh going into Week 17. We are picking Big Ben and Le’Veon Bell to get the job done at home and send the Steelers to Playoffs with 27:20 win.