Bathroom Wall Tiles: Important Things You Should Know

When it comes to furnishing or renovating your bathroom wall, tiles make up for one great option both for aesthetics and functionality

Bathrooms, in modern homes, are integral to the overall lifestyle. It’s the place you can’t avoid going in every day – whether to get ready for work or to get ready for the night! Researches have shown that it’s also the place that offers us the best possible chance to spend some ‘me time’. Often placed prioritising accessibility, it also no longer gets hidden away from the eyesight.

As modern-day bathrooms are so important, it needs to be given as much consideration as the other parts of the home, if not more. From the materials used on the floor to the sinks and the shower placements – everything needs to be carefully thought about. That way, a bathroom can offer more than its practical functionalities, creating an invigorating atmosphere to release, recharge, and reenergize after a long day of work.

Bathroom Décor Around the World

When it comes to decorating bathrooms, there are a great variety of design philosophies that are popular in different parts of the world. It ranges from the traditional to the contemporary, creating a structural and compositional play between sophistication, elegance, minimalism, functionality, etc.

Colours also play a vital role, with some preferring a glossy look; while others combine it with the overall décor. In contemporary bathrooms, more and more emphasis is being given to natural patterns and hues to create a refreshing atmosphere.

Being such a multifunctional place, however, bathroom decoration can’t just be focused on the aesthetics. It also needs to pay a lot of attention to the highly practical nature of things such as shower, bathtub, sink, hot water, hairdryer, etc. Therefore, it’s no surprise that bathroom walls and floors are usually decorated with materials that can withstand the rigorous of its use. One good idea is to use white subway tile with black grout for extra contrast.

There are a number of traditional and innovative materials used to decorate bathroom walls and floors. Among these materials, bathroom wall tiles are very popular for their great range of high aesthetic appeals, combined with great technical performances.

Stoneware Tiles for Bathroom Walls

As walls tend to have a great impact on the overall look and feel, it needs something that is both nice looking and durable. That’s why stoneware tiles are considered such a great option. These tiles, especially if manufactured following the tradition of Made in Italy, is an amalgamation of style, ease of use, and longevity.

Porcelain stoneware tiles are available in numerous sizes and colours. Green, black, white, red, cream – you name it, and you would find ceramic tiles to décor your walls in the colour of your choosing. You can take things even further by choosing from the different hues and finishes, ranging from glossy to matt that best fit your mood and personality.

Intricate patterns and shades are another addition to the compositional choices offered by porcelain tiles. Faithfully recreating the patterns found in natural elements, tiles can also give your bathroom a whole different dimension. These ingenious choices of wall tiles include:

Wood-look Tile

Marble-look Tile

Stone-look Tile

Concrete-look Tile

Travertine-look Tile

You can also furnish your bathroom walls in such a way that it showcases the classic terracotta or mosaic look; all the while enjoying the performance features of porcelain stoneware tiles.

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Benefits of Using Bathroom Wall Tiles

As mentioned before, tiles are not just beauties without any substances. Rather, they fulfil a number of great practical purposes, keeping your bathroom looking fresh and functional for years to come.

The main benefits of using stoneware tiles in your bathroom walls are:

Easy Maintenance: High quality porcelain tiles are manufactured in such an innovative way that they can be easily cleaned with the use of any cleaning liquids and tools. With a few swipes, you can keep your bathroom as fresh as it could get.

Long-standing Durability: Thanks to the use of stoneware materials, tiles are very rugged and durable. They can easily withstand increased traffic for many years to come, with the added protection against accidental breakage.

Protection Against Humidity: Some of the best quality porcelain tiles come with a 0.2% water absorption rate, which translates into great protection against the humid conditions of bathrooms. That way, bathrooms don’t feel dampened or wet, while also keeping bathrooms smelling fresh.

Protection Against Temperature: Whether it’s the change in seasons or the change in water temperatures, stoneware tiles would remain in their perfect shapes without any bending or any other damages. This particularly offers enhanced durability for your bathroom walls even if you use a lot of hot water or blow dryer.

Wear, Tear, and Scratch Resistance: What’s the point of lasting for a long time if your tiles get all worn-out and old? Thankfully, there is nothing to worry about as porcelain stoneware tiles usually offer increased resistance against any unintentional wear, tears, and scratches. It helps to keep your bathroom looking anew even after years of use.

Protection Against Fire and Backsplashes: Being the place where a number of different electronics are used, it helps to furnish the bathroom walls with anti-flammable tiles. The nature of the material used also offers great resistance against watermarks, even if they regularly come in contact with backsplashes.

Add to that the ability to customize the sizes of each slab, and you have got the perfect solution to beautify your bathroom walls. Even if it’s a complicated corner in the wall, you would find tiles that would fit into that.

Final Words

Porcelain tiles offer so much versatility that they are increasingly being adopted by modern interior designers to furnish every space of a modern home. By using tiles in your bathroom walls, you can not only give it a unique personality but also ensure it serves all your purpose.

It’s a great investment too, thanks for its enhanced longevity and low maintenance.