Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 players gets a royal skin for their titans

There is great news for hardcore gamers. Players of the Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 will be rewarded with a unique skin. This announcement was disclosed in a tweet from the official Twitter page of Titanfall.

Both games were published by the American gaming company called EA Games or Electronic Arts Incorporated. A red baron warpaint skin shall be bestowed on the titans of whoever buys the games from this company. The Battlefield 1 had just been made public on October 21 while Titanfall came out onto the market sometime later in the week. It’s indeed a delicious treat for those who are looking to enjoy their gaming experience.

The two games share one thing in common both of these are FPS. And if you somehow don’t know what that means, the letters stand for the First Person Shooter. The games differ significantly regarding storylines, but we are sure that most people do know what are those about.

In Battlefield 1, the player is in command of World War 1 soldier. It comes complete with all the weaponry of that era. On the contrary, Titanfall 2 features an imaginary battlefield in the frontiers of the outer space. With its science fiction adventure theme, this game definitely did make an appeal to American millennials as well as those hippies who are avid Star Wars and Sci-Fi fanatics. Players will have their adrenaline high as they ride on their giant mechanical Titans and run on walls or warp through wormholes and the likes.

Battlefield 1 has been getting loud cheers and applauses from players lately. It had even been hailed as the best entry for the entire Battlefield series. The idea of having WW1 on the gameplay was truly a relief to the developers as it had also attracted many players of the Battlefield. This simply proves that both games are fantastic and that gamers are more than prepared to devote their time to them.

We are still preparing to fully review Titanfall 2. However, researchers had already been dazzled with the open-sourced beta version that was provided to them for testing. It seemed that it had already given them a complete feel of the game. They already have a significant idea of what to expect when the game is finally released. One of the most amazing features that were specifically mentioned was their experience of the game in multiplayer mode.

This game, Titanfall 2, is scheduled to have its initial public appearance on October 28. It will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 as well as the PC.