Bayely Speaks About Her Situation On The Main Roster

It’s never easy to see somebody that has had a huge amount of success down in the NXT struggle badly on the main roster. The company hasn’t put Bayley in quality segments, they haven’t given her any toughness as they are hoping that she will get that babyface sympathy. They have gone so far with that it seems that Bayley is just a weak character and somebody that lets everybody push her around.

She is still a great performer and one of the best that WWE has on their hands both considering women and men. Bayley just hasn’t been used the right way to the point where she is coming dangerously close to being unwatchable. It would be a shame to see this pure babyface character fall flat after it had so much success initially in the NXT.

Bayley has recently spoken about the situation in the WWE, how things are done here, the pros and the cons as well as people that she associates with. When it comes to who she is traveling with, Bayley said that down in the NXT she used to go with Carmella since she is one of her best friends. Now, since she is on Smackdown, Bayley travels with Sasha Banks.

She also spoke about some of the pros and cons of being on the main roster. Here is what she said about that.

“Me and Sasha talk about that all the time, just like being backstage with all the politics and all those things behind it, and even coming up from NXT. It can either be a smooth ride and easy depending on what the company is looking for, or who you are or whatever, or it can be where you are in NXT for a long time and finally get there and have a big debut and then have a rough start too. It’s so different but I guess it has its pros and cons from back then until now.”