Bayley Shares Her Thoughts About The Rock


Bayley is a Women’s Champion going into WWE’s biggest show of the year. Even though the storylines of the women’s division on Monday Night Raw haven’t been all that creative and top notch, there is no doubt that the four girls that will be in a championship match at Wrestlemania will do a great job and will have an amazing battle.

Recently, Bayley spoke with NBC as the champion of the women’s division. When she was asked about her dream match in the WWE, we could hear her commenting that she has been thinking about that ever since she was a little girl. Bayley noted that she imagined having battles with Lita but actually admitted that going up against Stephanie McMahon would be a true dream competition for her.


She was the last of the “four horsewomen” to get to the main roster. When everybody called up but her, she thought that it is time and that she also wanted to make her main roster debut. But, as she reflected back, Bayley admitted that the year that she spent as a champion in the NXT was her most important year of her career.

This girl also talked about The Rock and the words that The People’s Champion had for her.

“He told me that he watches and said you’re the champion so you must be doing something right. I was like, yeah I guess so. I didn’t want to take up too much of his time. He said that he really enjoys watching. I hope he wasn’t just saying that to be nice, though.”