Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss – Extreme Rules PPV Picks And Predictions

After one of the most criticized segments in the recent memory of Monday Night Raw, Alexa Bliss is going to defend her title against Bayley at the Extreme Rules pay per view. This is going to be a Kendo Stick on a Pole match for the WWE Raw Women’s championship that Alexa is currently holding right now.

They have had one of the worst performances on this past go-home edition of Monday Night Raw. Alexa Bliss did “This is my Life” segment, similar to what the Rock did 17 years ago. Unfortunately, it was an abysmal show, and we are going to blame neither Alexa nor Bayley for what transpired on Monday Night Raw. This was just a horrible booking idea by Vince McMahon and an atrocious way to build up this match.

Alexa has been good as a champion on Monday Night Raw. She is a good heel, and this girl needs to continue doing her thing going forward. The fact that she couldn’t even save that segment on Raw from being a disaster speaks just how bad this was.

Bayley, on the other hand, has been booked like an underdog babyface, but in the process of doing this, the company has made her look pretty weak, boring and whiny. She just keeps taking the bullying from Alexa Bliss, and it is a bad look for her.

WWE is probably trying to book her similar to what Triple H did in NXT, but so far, she is failing on the main roster. It is a shame, but that is just the reality of the situation. Her character is not working on the red brand, and it is very hard to blame her. The company hasn’t put her in a position to succeed.

This is an easy pick for us as we don’t see Alexa Bliss losing the title this Sunday. We are going with The Wicked Witch of the WWE to win this match at Extreme Rules.