Bayley Wins Her First Women’s Title On Monday Night Raw

We got a Women’s Championship match on this week’s’ Monday Night Raw edition. They have booked those a couple of times in the past half a year, and all of those duels had something in common, and that is Charlotte losing the title on live TV. It’s never on pay per view because they want to keep her PPV winning streak rolling.

They made the same booking decision on Monday Night Raw last night when they gave Bayley the title. On one had, it’s always good to see somebody’s dream being fulfilled as Bayley captured her first Women’s Title. On the other hand, it’s a pretty bad idea to take the title away from Charlotte again and give it to someone else, let alone Bayley. Why?


Because now that Wrestlemania moment is ruined. The fans don’t have anything to wait for when it comes to girls at the grandest stage of them all. Charlotte will win the title yet again at Fastlane and will become a five-time Women’s Champion in a less than a year and a half. WWE probably thinks that the number of reigns is making her legacy, but they are not. She doesn’t look more impressive, the company believes that they are doing a good storytelling with this one between Charlotte and Sasha as well as Charlotte and Bayley, but they are not.

Still, however you look at it, Bayley is the new champion, and she will lose the title in less than a month. It’s clear that they want Charlotte to catch her father with title reigns and probably make her the greatest of all time. But, overall, this is not the best way to do it.