Beautiful People Put In Ugly Situation, Data Revealed

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The issue of hacking continues to get more and more complex with each passing day. It has been revealed that a dating website was hacked and the perpetrators have disclosed the details of the users of the site on the web.

The dating site is called the dating site exclusively for beautiful people. The irony is that these people (beautiful people) are in an ugly situation. 1.1 million of the customers are all at risk after their private messages and data were leaked online. The login information and data is now just on the Internet for anyone to see as they like.

The dating website which was hacked says it only encompasses of beautiful people. The site uses a rating system to allow new people on to the website. This is one way which helps it to keep the so-called beautiful people only website tag. Already users of the site can vote when someone wants to join the site. If the votes are positive then they can join the site. In its quest to be exclusive, the site, has evidently gotten some enemies along the way.

The site was hacked back in December and them they did not think the damage was severe, but reports have shown that it might have been worse than thought. Troy Hunt, leader of the group, Have I Been Pawnd, revealed that the hack had been leaked online and about a million of the people’s data was for all to see on the web. The data included phone numbers, email addresses, and other personal info such as weight, job and drinking habits. 15 million private messages were also leaked.

Troy Hunt said, “We’re looking at in excess of 100 individual data attributes per person. Everything you’d expect from a site of this nature is in there.”

The site responded to the new revelations by giving the same statement as last year saying, “We can confirm we were notified of a breach on December 24th of 2015 of one of our MongoDB test servers. This was a staging server and not part of our production database. The staging server was immediately shut down.”

Hacks of dating sites are not rare as seen by the Ashley Madison hack which rocked the world last year.