Before Releasing Dez, Cowboys Need To Ask Themselves: How Good is Dak?

Dallas Cowboys are making moves in free agency. Their latest acquisition is wide receiver Allen Hurns. The fans finally got a reason to be excited and many of them believe that this move signals the end for Dez Bryant. But, is that really the case?

Cowboys were in a race for Sammy Watkins, but he ended in Kansas City for a massive paycheck. What Dallas squad got is a player with similar stats to Watkins but for three times less money. A bargain! This move leaves them cap space, so releasing Dez might not happen.

Yes, letting Bryant could save up to $8 million. And with Hurns, Big D front office now at least has some leverage against Dez. They will ask for a pay cut, there’s no doubt about it, but they have one thing in mind before doing so. What if the issue with Bryant’s decline is not in him but Dak Prescott. He slowed down after Tony Romo, at first missed a season due to injury, only to later be forced into retirement.


So, Cowboys need to ask themselves how much faith, and consequently money are they going to put in Dak Prescott. He had a stellar start, but sophomore slump followed next year. The most valuable sports franchise will need more time to determine where lies the real Dak. In 2016 or in 2017? For example, Washington Redskins started Kirk Cousins in every game for three years only for them to decide that he’s not their man.

Now, Dez and Dak are clearly not functioning together, but it’s hard to tell which one is the problem between the two. Remember, under Tony Romo, Dez was leagues premium receiver. Under Dak? Not so much. Cowboys must be wondering what if they release Dez, add another WR who again fails to produce under Prescott. At the same time, Bryant could blossom under different quarterback.

Leaving Dez Bryant for another season, under his current contract, would be the best option. Give both him and Dak another year together. During 2018 season, some things might reveal themselves. What if the issue is not Dez but Dak? Bryant’s $12 million a year is a lot of money today to know this, but it just might be worth it before giving Prescott a long-term deal in 2019. With today’s market, Prescott is in for a pay rise, better make sure that he’s worth it.