Is Ben Foster the Most Underrated Actor in the Last 10 Years

As movie lovers, we are very often blinded to the supporting cast because of the roles of famous and eminent actors. This does not mean they are bad, but rather that they have a huge portfolio of well-done work behind them.

While there are too many actors who fall into the underrated category, the name Ben Foster stands out because of his good roles in many great films. In addition, he is highly versatile since you can see him cast in superhero movies to westerns.

In this article, we’ll talk about Ben Foster and all of the great movie roles he had. This will show us why he is one of the most underrated actors and why he deserves more fame. Keep reading and find out more.

The program

The program is the movie that was supposed to put Foster’s name on the pedestal of famous actors and acquire some eminent awards.

This movie is about Armstrong and his long biking journey including the most interesting moments of his life. In addition, we get to see the inside world of scandals including being positive for doping substances.

However, this film did not reach the heights even though Foster put on an amazing performance by playing Lance.

3:10 to Yuma

This is one of the rare occasions where a remake of a film is done better than the original. Keep in mind that the original done in the 50s is one of the greatest western Hollywood movies. The remake is done with the purpose to showcase the detail the film lacked and the moral predicaments of each character.

The plot resolves around a rancher played by Christian Bale, who is a war veteran and agrees to take the bad guy to prison. When the lieutenant of the bad guy which is Ben foster begins chasing them, the rancher and the bad guy are teaming up.

In this movie, Foster is showing loyalty towards his authority and all the challenges that come up when the loyalty on both ends is put to a test.

The Messenger

Seeing Foster taking up the main role is a rare occasion, but he continues to provide great work and bring the character closer to you. This drama film is about a military high-ranking official who has to overcome his PTSD to perform his job the best.

The sergeant who is played by Foster has been assigned to become a notifier for casualties together with another captain. They have to explain tragic news to the family of the ones killed in combat.

This is another example of how work of Foster gets overlooked. Even though he played the main role, the person who was nominated for an award was not him, yet a supporting cast member.


Surely one of the most interesting western films that you should definitely watch whenever you have spare time. This Scott Cooper Florida movie shows the direct relations between the Native Americans and American military servants.

The plot is about the transportation of a native American war veteran and his family. The veteran is suffering from cancer and is taken to their religious land to die.

It begins with a scene where a whole family gets killed by a Native American gang with a woman being the only survivor. She joins the transit along with the civil war soldier and the indigenous family in order to survive. In addition, they are picking up a dangerous foe which is played by Foster.

There is chaos throughout the journey and many people die because of things they did in their life. When they arrive at the destination, the native American dies and is set to be buried in their religious land. However, they are told to leave unless they want to die as well.

After the shooting, everyone dies to expect the woman, the civil war veteran, and the children of the indigenous family who proceed to live a happy life in Chicago.

Hell or high water

Another western movie on this list, but is surely great and the quick dynamics make things even more interesting. The film shows the greediness of the western banks and how did they impact the poorer population there.

Two brothers are doing heists on the local banks so they can purchase the land of their mother. During the robbing process, they are not harming the people since they are only about money.

While one of the brothers is composed and is only doing the heists for his family, the other brother who is played by Foster is enjoying the thrilling sensations of escaping a bit too much. You should not wait and see how well he brings the character to you.

Leave no trace

This is a great film that shows the development of a father and daughter from living remotely to adapting to live in a society. The father, played by Foster is a veteran who suffers from PTSD and finds it difficult to talk about his pain.

After the couple gets found by rangers, they are forced to shift living in a society. Ben shows how much the father struggles since his lifestyle is completely torn away and fears taking care of his daughter. Both the father and daughter are adapting differently with the daughter being more open, and the father struggling.


By taking part in so many movies, and being extremely versatile with his roles the qualities that Ben Foster possesses are well-known. He never makes a bad performance, but somehow gets overshadowed either by other actors, or the films just do not live up to the success of others.

This makes Ben one of the most underrated in his field, yet consistent with the quality of work. Hopefully, he will be a part of a project that will give him success and will win awards like all world-famous actors. What is up for us is to enjoy his performances and keep on watching his work.