Benefits of using a vacuum cleaner for shag carpet

If you are a shag carpet owner, then you know much challenging it is for you to maintain it. Vacuum cleaners definitely make this task easy, but choosing the wrong type of vacuum for your cleaning can turn out to be counterproductive for your actual purpose.

Not all type of vacuum cleaners is effective for cleaning shag carpets. The type of vacuum cleaners that you use for your cleaning can seriously hamper the look of your shag carpet and might even tear it if you are not careful enough. So, choosing the right vacuum cleaner for shag carpet is one of the most important tasks.

According to VacuumsAdvisor in this article, we will talk about how a specific type of vacuums work for your shag carpet and the importance of keeping an individual vacuum.

1. Your vacuum must have a brush roll:


A usual suction pump cannot pull all of them on its own. That’s why a brush roll becomes necessary to clean your shag carpet. Without a brush roll, you cannot penetrate through the deep levels of the rug, as a result, the things lying deep in your carpet remain untouched.

2. Small wheels can destroy the look of your carpet:

If your regular vacuum has small wheels then it could cause serious damage to your shag carpet. The thing is that shag carpets are formed with fibers and if smaller wheeled vacuum is used then the wheels can get stuck by the fibers. The look of your carpet will hamper if the fibers get torn.

3. Heavier vacuums are no good for shag carpet:

The generic cleaning process of shag carpet with a vacuum includes going back and forth with the suction. Heavy vacuum cleaners would do no good since they cannot be moved swiftly over the carpet. So, if you have a powerful vacuum cleaner with a huge weight then you simply cannot use it for cleaning of shag carpet. The ideal weight of the vacuums for the shag carpet is 7 pounds.

4. Your shag needs a powerful suction:

Shag carpets demand is quite contradictory, it needs a powerful suction but can’t handle a heavier weight. However, powerful vacuum cleaners usually come with a heavier weight. That’s why setting an optimum feature becomes necessary where the suction power and the weight of the vacuum are well aligned. The minimum suction power is 400 W for cleaning shag carpets. If your vacuum cleaner has the option for power adjustment, then it is a great purchase.

5. A powerful suction vacuum consumes more energy:

We already discussed why powerful suction is necessary for your shag carpets. A major issue is associated with powerful vacuum cleaners i.e. electricity cost. The more powerful the vacuum cleaner is, the more power it consumes. Also, not all vacuum cleaners have the feature of power adjustment. So, using a powerful vacuum for all your domestic cleaning purposes can cost you huge paychecks for electricity bills. By keeping separate vacuums can save you a lot of money.

Keeping these things mind, you can choose which option seems better for you. For most of our cases, keeping more than a vacuum cleaner for domestic purposes might seem unnecessary and burdensome since they will occupy a lot of space. In that case, weigh your priorities and decide which one needs more attention than the other. Also, you can always try looking for alternative cleaning processes, there are many other options available at your grasp.