Bernie Sanders Finally Endorses Hillary Clinton for President

Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders finally endorsed Hillary Clinton to become the next President of the United States on Tuesday during a campaign in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

In his speech, Sanders said, “I have come here to make it as clear as possible why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton and why she must become our next president. Secretary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination and I congratulate her for that.”

Clinton the best candidate to address the needs of American people

Sanders also emphasized, “There is no doubt in my mind, as we head into November, Hillary Clinton is far and away the best candidate” to address the needs of the American people and the very serious crises confronting the country.

The Vermont Senator said he would do everything he can to make sure that Clinton would be the next president of the United States.

According to him, Clinton believes that the “minimum wage must be raised to a living wage and she wants to create millions of new jobs by rebuilding the country’s crumbling infrastructure.

In contrast, Sanders pointed out that Donald Trump believes that states should have the right to lower minimum or even abolish the concept of minimum wage. He warned that people will “see no increase in the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour,” which he described as a “starvation wage” if Trump become the next President.

“If you don’t believe this election is important, take a moment to think about the Supreme Court justices that Donald Trump will nominate, and what that means to civil liberties, equal rights, and the future of our country,” he added.

Joining forces to defeat Trump

In response to Sanders’ endorsement, Clinton said, “I can’t help but reflect on how much more enjoyable this election will be now that we are on the same side. Thank you, Bernie, for your endorsement, but more than that, Thank you for your lifetime of fighting injustice.”

She also stated, “We are joining forces to defeat Donald Trump. We are stronger together.

According to Clinton’s aides, the final Democratic Party platform includes language supporting a financial transaction tax that reflects the ideas, which Sanders are fighting for.

Clinton’s recent proposal for a tuition-free public college for families making less the $125,000 also support Sander’s college-affordability plan.

Sanders announced his endorsement two weeks before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Democrats will formally nominate Clinton during the convention.