Best Backyard Landscaping Ideas and Designs for 2024


Landscaping gardens and yards is as important as decorating your home, and we bring you the perfect inspiration in 2024!

In the warmer months, it is a real pleasure to spend time in your garden, organize barbecues and socializing with friends. To fully enjoy it, it is important that your favorite space is the way you like it – rustic or modern it is important to make it pleasing to you and pleasing to the eye.

The backyard is a very important part of the home during the summer. Compared to other spaces in your home, the yard may be more colorful, fun and without a ceiling that would limit your needs and desires. Thoughtful Michaelangelo landscape design is the key to creating a cozy backyard, whether you have a small one in an urban area or a large country garden. So if you want to improve it, you can start with landscape design.

With original ideas and spectacular garden elements, even the smallest piece of green can become an oasis for everyone to admire.

Pergola as a modern element in the garden


If your yard area is small for large trees or you need an alternative until it grows, a pergola is an elegant solution that will provide shade and be a far better detail in your garden than a parasol.

A pergola is in some ways an extension of the interior because it will give you space where you feel like in the living room. It’s also great as a place to take a break from the sun after you leave your pool.

Create a soothing water oasis


To have a water oasis in your backyard, it doesn’t matter how much space you have. Just a small pond or fountain is enough to refresh and relax you during warm days. To check out some of the latest trends in backyard furniture and fountains, visit sites like SoothingCompany.

If you are not afraid of more ambitious projects and are willing to spend a little more money to arrange your outdoor relaxation corner, we suggest that you build a water wall in one end of the yard that will certainly not go unnoticed.

Gravel as a cheap and practical solution


If you are looking for a cheap and quick solution, replace the lawn with gravel.

Gravel is a great solution because it is maintenance-free, and is easier to install than stone or brick. It is only necessary to place a substrate under the gravel that will prevent weeds from growing.

Decorative paths


An interesting path can be a true decoration in the garden, and some of the most decorative paths are made of multicolored pebbles because they give you great freedom to express your creativity.

And a very small path from the entrance to the house will be enough to amaze your guests, but also anyone who passes. You can also make a path from the house to the pool, which will not become slippery even when wet. To read more about the increasingly popular new type of pool, click here.

Vertical Gardens


Vertical gardens are extremely attractive and easily fit into any type of yard, but are an ideal solution if you do not have a lot of space available.

With them, you can increase the area under the plants without taking up valuable space. An added benefit is that you can make creative vertical gardens yourself using a variety of items such as crates, pallets, old bottles.

Then, we have a few suggestions for you who are looking for a convenient way to create a barrier between your yard and your neighbors’ yard or hide your home from the view of passers-by. For example, while in your pool this way gives you and your family more privacy, and we give you some tips on how to achieve this – put together a nice and useful!

The plants we present to you can also serve for camouflage and beautification of old walls and fences, partitioning of the yard.

Before planting, carefully make a plan for your green wall considering the plant’s growth potential. Think about wants and needs and consult experts about the ideal planting period.

Our suggestions:



An evergreen shrub with an interesting leaf appearance. It grows very densely, giving you privacy. Another advantage is that it is not difficult to maintain and does not require special botanical knowledge. It grows very quickly so it is suitable if it needs to fill the space quickly. You can prune it and it will take the shape you want.



Bamboo is divided into two basic types: those that branch and those that are compact and do not branch. Bamboo can be grown as a garden plant and at home as a potted plant.

Branching bamboos are the best choice for hedges. They will grow quickly, especially their root, and will be grateful for pruning and shaping. Non-branching bamboos are suitable for growing in large pots. Branching species will require pots of about 20 liters capacity. Some species can grow up to 6 meters in height.



What is characteristic of all foreign and why they are so used and popular in hedges is their durability to planting conditions and relatively easy maintenance. If you provide a hose for watering them in the summer, you have dealt with much of your hedge care.

It can make a fence up to 5-6 meters high without being wide and cumbersome. The trait is to grow spindly and if planted at 80 to 100 cm apart they will assemble and form a green hedge. It is advisable to prune it several times until it forms and secures the side branches so that the snow does not bend later.



A plant that will give your yard a completely different look. Imagine a cactus fence. Visually beautiful, and can be very good for protecting your property. Only beware if you have small children.



Whatever the season, boxwood shows all its splendor. The small, strong, dense and green leaves form an extremely firm canopy that is well tolerated for pruning. There is no world castle or villa that is not specially decorated with this plant. Beauty and persistence are noticeable throughout the year. Since ancient times used to design green fences, walls, various figures. A plant that can live for hundreds of years.

Very resistant to environmental conditions. It withstands low temperatures, summer heat, smoke, dust and gases, full sun and deep shade. With its dark green color, it creates a striking contrast to other plants as well as garden and architectural elements. Its root is well developed, wide and not too deep. This gives it a particular advantage when planting it in pots. It is one of the few species that can spend dozens of years in gingerbread. There is no place in the yard or terrace where the boxwood cannot grow.

Lovers of romance and interesting geometric shapes can take advantage of boxwood and hydrangea. And tall ornamental grasses give the perfect front yard screen. Decorations and sculptures like mirrors, an hourglass, small fountains bring dynamics and break the monotony of greenery in the garden.


If you have a house, it would be a shame not to have a swimming pool for you to enjoy and relax.

Although pools may seem like a luxury, they are a really nice addition in any yard. With some greenery, flowers, a few deck chairs and a colorful wall that will hide you from the curious views of neighbors, you will create the right summer oasis for you and your friends. And we helped you with tips on how to arrange space around your pool.