5 Best Campgrounds in Maryland Worth Visiting In 2024

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We believe that the number of people that do not like to travel is small. We all need a couple of days per year to recharge our batteries. The duties that we have at work usually make us too tired. This counts when you have a job that you love the most as well. Still, the duties and limited budget do not allow us to travel more often. People usually travel not more than 2 weeks per year. Unfortunately, that is the maximum they can afford.

Still, if you live in an urban place, then we are sure that you are desperate to find peace and silence. You can’t simply move out of town and start living somewhere in the village. Kids are going to school; your workplace is in the town, etc. Because of that, the best alternative you have is weekend camping.

People that live in Maryland do not know how lucky they are. This state has some amazing campgrounds that can bring you peace and silence. Despite that, you will also have the chance to enjoy beautiful views. If you are not from Maryland, then we should also know that there are some campgrounds in Maryland worth visiting.

Enough talking; let’s see together which places you should pick for camping in Maryland.

Brunswick Family Campground

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This place is stated between the Potomac River and Chesapeake Ohio Canal. Well, if you and your family are fans of boating and fishing, this place is a perfect choice. You can stroll along the scenic pathway by the canal as well. However, you won’t have the chance to come here always. The campground is opened from late spring to early fall. In that period, both RV sites and tent sites are available to campers. So, winter camping is not something you will have the chance to experience here.

There is one interesting thing that we need to say about this campground. When you compare it with others, it is a bit modernized. So, if you are not a big fan of traditional camping, this is another reason why you should come. Each camper will have access to restrooms, communal picnic areas, hot showers, etc.

Bay Shore

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We believe this campground is even a better place for parents that plan to bring small kids. This campground is stated only 3 miles from the Rock Hall. You already know that camping with kids can be a bit unpredictable. There are many things that you will need to bring and sometimes we do not have enough space for all of them. Fortunately for you, the shops and restaurants are near you. It will take you around 15 minutes to go and get the necessary accessories.

This is a peaceful place and many campers are amazed by the level of silence here. People use different activities to spend their time. For instance, they go swimming, fishing, drinking coffee, and enjoying the beach. Of course, it would be smart to bring fishing gear with you here. Despite that, you won’t have the chance to prepare coffee on the beach. Indeed, you can order it in the restaurant. However, a much better choice would be to bring a thermos. Because of that, we suggest you click here and read more, and pick the best one yourself. You can also remind yourself of the camping gear that you need to bring.

Camp Merryelande

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Believe it or not, this is one of the oldest campgrounds in this part of America. It is established in 1984. Since then, it attracts tourists from different parts of the country. Here you can see a lot of families enjoying nature and silence. It is one of those camps that offer cozy cottages and beachfront campsites at the same time. That’s why we consider it perfect for families. It is good to mention that cozy cottages can accommodate between 2 and 24 people.

Here you can find literally everything you need. There are features like picnic tables, fire rings, etc. There are also amenities like games area, restrooms, children’s playground, and showers.

Do not even think about getting bored here. Every camper that plans to come here can expect a wide range of activities. This includes things like mini-golf, fishing, and beach cook-outs.

However, we need to mention one important thing. The check-in is only available on three days – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. So, if you plan to stay here for the weekend, it is recommendable that you pick the third option.

Catoctin Mountain Park

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Many campers say that lying on the northeastern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the best experience they had. This park is a great campground because it offers a huge number of beautiful views, fishing, and around 25 miles of hiking trails.

This park is made of three different campgrounds – Adirondack Shelters, Owens Creek Campground, and Poplar Grove Youth Camp Site. The third campground from our list is only available to adult-supervised groups of youth under the age of 18.

If you are interested in exploring the backcountry, then Adirondack Shelters would be a great choice. You will have the chance to reach it after a 3-mile hike. However, if you are planning to bring kids, we suggest you forget about that.

Cherry Hill Park Campground

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Well, if you live in Washington, then this is the closest campsite you can find. We know that this is especially important for people that plan to camp for only 1 or 2 days. Despite that, it is a great choice for tourists that come here. They do not have to spend hours traveling to the campsite.

Anyway, here you can find some traces of traditional camping. More precisely, you can find here traditional RV sites and tents. Still, that’s the only thing traditional here. You can find yurts and cabins here as well. However, we believe that the most interesting thing will be glamping pods with air conditioning and electricity. Despite that, there is also a stable Wi-Fi connection that covers the biggest part of the property.

If you plan to get RV sites and tents, you will have to do that on a walk-in basis. However, there is also an option to book them in advance.