Ranking the Top 4 Best Forex Robots


Are you looking for a passive income? Then, you shouldn’t miss exploring the world of forex robots. Forex robots are set up to concurrently scan and analyze millions of forex charts in a scheme that traders wouldn’t able to do. There are some forex robots that are programmed to act upon trading signals, while others simply send signals to traders by deciding when would be the worst or best time to trade.


Why do traders prefer to use forex robots? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Able to Trade 24/7 – As a trader, you are often confined to do the tasks within certain periods of time. Obviously, you have some commitments that need to be accomplished, like leisure, work, and family activities. Since you are not there 24/7, forex robots can be of great help.
  • Not Influenced by Emotions – FX robots usually function on a set of pre-determined guidelines. If you trade money, it is hard for you to overcome emotions like greed and fear. This may result to hesitation, averting you from having trades. In some cases, you will be enticed to make wrong trades. With an automated system, it removes the risks of traders’ emotions
  • Able to Work Quicker and More Effectively – Forex roots can find opportunities and scan the markets based on the pre-determined parameters. They can also carry out trades based on its guidelines in just a few seconds. Traders doing this manually are expected to take much longer, waste time making decisions, miss opportunities and enter an order.

Above all, the best forex robots can operate more sophisticated and complex trading strategies.

To see what these are, check out: https://forexrobotnation.com/best-forex-robot-and-expert-advisors-top-3-tested/)

Now, there are more benefits of using forex robots apart from the above-mentioned. These multiple advantages encourage everyone to enter into forex trading. But, with various types of forex robots, you as a trader may find it hard to pick the right one.

Here are the top 3 best forex robots you shouldn’t miss to know:

1: 1000pip Climber

1000pip Climber is highest rated Forex robot on Trustpilot and is considered by many to be the best Forex robot available. The performance of this Forex robot has been outstanding and the robot has made strong gains over many years. This is made even more impressive by the fact that the performance has been independently verified by MyFXBook. It is very rare to find a robot with such strong credentials.

Even though this is clearly a very advanced robot, it is very easy to install and use. But if you do need additional support then the developer of the system is on hand to provide 1-to-1 support and mentoring. This is a huge advantage over other Forex robots it is rare to find such support.

The key benefits of the 1000pip Climber System are

  • Extremely high performance verified on Myfxbook
  • Highest rated on Trustpilot
  • Easy to install and use
  • Full 1-to-1 support provided by the developer
  • If you are looking for the best Forex robot available then the 1000pip Climber robot should definitely be at the top of your list.

2: Forex Fury


The best and well known Forex robot in the market, is Forex Fury. It’s owned by the team at Forex Robot Nation, and has over $100,000 in live trading accounts. They simply put their money with their mouth is.

Here’s the best few aspects of this bot:

  • All their results are verified on Myfxbook
  • They are up front about the risks
  • They provide both low risk and high risk SET files
  • The software is easy to install
  • The support team answers questions incredibly fast (test them)
  • They’ve been offering their services for 6 years

There’s no reason to ever look beyond Forex Fury.

3: RoFx


RoFx is said to be the best-automated trading robot worldwide. This type of forex robot serves as an effective money-making service, ensuring a stable income to every trader. The supplier of this system complete the safety of the trader’s money by casing the undesirable trades from the reserve fund. Based on the RoFx developers, the traders never require any certain knowledge or trading skills to utilize the trading solution.

RoFx was developed by a team of expert that claims to have significant skills and knowledge about trading. Traders can also get connected with the developers and staff via email or telephone.

RoFx automated trading solution has multiple features. First, it has a loss coverage guarantee. It means that this type of program ensures complete coverage for losses. Second, traders can utilize USD, EUR, and Bitcoin for financing their accounts. The developers and suppliers of this forex robot provide similar same-hour Bitcoin funding and offer one of the best rates of Bitcoin in the market. The third feature of RoFx is its payment flexibility. Traders are free to select their desired payment method. You are also free from Bitcoin and bank transfer.

4: Forex Diamond


This type is considered an exceptional mix of countertrend and trend tactics. It is an ideal combination of guaranteeing rapid execution of trades and smart money management. The forex diamond supports 4 currency pairs. They also adjust their tactic automatically based on current market conditions.

Forex diamond has been in the market since 2013, and it offers excellent benefits over other types. To utilize this system, you need to trade on either MetaTrader 5 or MetaTrader4, and it is suggested that you have funds at least $1,000 and $5,000 in your account.

Forex diamond has a rate of $297 per license, covering various packages. If you purchase this one, you have one-lifetime license to use forex diamond on a real, single money account. Your licenses also have four demo accounts and supports for the four major currency pairs. Above all, you have a chance to access various updates for a lifetime.

Using Forex diamond allows you to use three distinct trading tactics to boost the chances of seeing a lucrative result. You will also get a 60-day money-back guarantee and boasts worth of positive back-test data.

EXTRA: Happy Forex


This type has a low drawdown and stable profit. Its reinsurance places or grid tactic is one of its major advantages. It also utilizes technical analysis to acquire a protective entry into the market using the a News filter.

This type of forex robot focused on the XAUUSD pair. Its vendors claimed that they have found an ideal tactic for taking advantage of the gold markets.  Since this type of forex robot has been in the market for several years, it is highly recommended by most traders.

Happy Forex utilizes scalp/swing tactics with an improved zigzag indicators. This indicator examines extreme chart points and evaluates the distance between points to make trading opportunities.

When it comes to forex robots, you have lots of options to choose from. All the aforementioned types of forex robots are proven effective and lucrative. It is up to you what to choose from. Now, if you are quite confused about what to purchase, all you have to do is to read reviews online. Take time to read the different features of each type and compare each type. You may also ask help from professional traders and get their recommendation on where or how to buy an effective forex robot that suits your trading needs.

Take note that forex trading may seem a little bit tricky, especially to newbies. This is the reason why you need to be more cautious with your actions and decision-making. If you are not sure about what to do, don’t hesitate to browse online. There are various online videos that can help in making your trading experience more lucrative than ever. So, what are you waiting for? Start making money through forex trading. Use the best forex robot and see how it works now!