Best Friends Whenever Release Date on Netflix

Netflix is an excellent streaming service that allows it subscribers to access hours of great content of movies and TV shows. There you can find pretty much any genre that you like. A lot of content is produced by some third party companies, for example, television networks. Nonetheless, this will change soon enough. Recently, Netflix has started producing new original Netflix series that are exclusive to their service. Examples of those excellent Netflix originals are Stranger Things, The Ranch, The OA and so on. They continue to produce excellent original content, but it also expands the collection of the content delivered by a third party. One of the brand new series here is Best Friends Whenever.

Best Friends Whenever is a good idea for those who like shows in Disney style. The two main characters of Best Friends Whenever, Cyd and Shelby, conduct a science experiment that results in giving them the power to time-travel back and forth. The series is about their experiences as they cope with disputes in their friendship while they time-travel and have fun. The series is excellent for kids and teenagers as it is very relatable. Currently, there are two seasons of Best Friends Whenever available on Netflix. But once the subscribers finish watching the second season, there will be an inevitable question “Will will Season 3 of Best Friends Whenever be on Netflix?”


In order to answer this question, let’s take a look at how Netflix used to release new seasons of content that the Disney channel produced. After some research, we found out that usually take around 9 months between premiering a season of Best Friends Whenever and airing it on Netflix. Based on this assumption, we can come to a conclusion of an approximate date of release for Season 3 of Best Friends Whenever on Netflix. Sadly, there was no news about Disney starting to produce the third season of the show. Hence, it is hard to make a solid guess about when Season 3 will be available on Netflix. Nonetheless, we can make a rough guess. We believe that Season 3 of Best Friends Whenever will be on Netflix by June 2018.