Best GPU for Bitcoin Mining in 2024

Bitcoin is a globally famous cryptocurrency and more and more people each year decide to join in the hustle and try to earn some money by digging up coins. In order to do so, you will need a strong and reliable machine that is up to high requirements to complete complex mathematical operations in order to mine a single block. Better the machine, the higher the chances of successful mining and winning a reward that is later on translated into money. GPU or graphics processing unit is a crucial part of working machinery and a good choice can lead to increased speed and more success. Here, we present your best ranked GPUs to be used for bitcoin mining as stated by

1. Radeon VII

AMD is probably a very famous manufacturer of graphic cards in the world. This graphic card has been labeled as the absolute best for mining and it is called a king in bitcoin miners circles. It packs a very high hash rate, up to 90MH/s, which is essential for the speed of resolving complex mathematical operations needed to reach the goal. It is a bit expensive, especially with power consumption, but on the other hand, it offers a lot of VRAM and stays cool allowing long term usage.

2. GeForce GTX 1070

Jet another favorite in the gaming world, Nvidia is well known for its quality and performance when it comes to GPU. This card has a very high hash rate, which, as explained above is very important, and they have found a way to make equilibrium and meet a high hash rate and economical usage of power. Compared to the above, its hash rate is three times lower, so somewhere around 30MH/s which is still pretty high for a card of these preferences, price and quality. If you want to mine for an extensive period of time, this is a card for you.

3. Radeon RX580

Since it is very popular amongst miners, due to the perfect balance of performance and price, sometimes it can be very hard to be found. It has an excellent cooling system, and with the hash rate that reaches 30MH/s, it falls into the category of very fast cards. AMD has invested in the cooling system, so this one can be operational for a long time without any worries about overheating.

4. GeForce GTX 1060

This Nvidia’s model has managed to make our list due to a good ratio between price and overall performance. As the previous one, exactly due to this, it is almost impossible to be found on the market. Additionally, this graphic card is labeled as amazing for gaming, so this adds up to the demand.

5. Radeon RX Vega

This AMDs card falls into the list of best graphic cards for its price that can be found in the shops. It is cheap to boot, has a fine hash rate, but can, in the end, become pricey. Since it uses a certain amount of power and can get quite hot, it will take some time to lower down the temperature, so even though it is good for mining, it might draw a bit more power than wanted, although compared to the others it will make a good run for its money.

6. GTX 1080 Ti

With an incredible amount of power Nvidia has packed into this model, it has a well-deserved place on the top of the list of best graphics cards out there. This one packs great power and has shown an amazing performance in gaming, and as well in mining, since it has very high hash rates, which go a bit over 30MH/s which is very important for mining. On the other hand, it does stand on the pricier side. Alongside this, it is known to be less energy efficient in comparison to the other cards we have mentioned. This practically means that you will initially need to invest a bit more, if you choose this one, and have to wait a bit longer to repay the money you have taken to buy it and run it.

7. GTX 1070 Ti

Last but not least on this list is the new update of the GTX we have mentioned somewhere on the top of the list. This is an excellent mining card and with updates received, it has the potential to climb up the ladder as time passes. Since it is new in the market, the price is a bit higher, which can initially be important depending on the amount of money you would like to spend on the card in the first place. Will it pay off? After a while, yes, certainly, just remember that with great power comes a great electricity bill. This one packs so much power, that it will use up enormous amounts of energy. This can again influence your profitability and decrease the payback. High hash rates and specific capacity did put it onto this list. If Nvidia makes an update that will be more energy-efficient, it will for sure, it will sure peak and reach high ranks amongst diggers. 


The market is full of good graphics cards that can be used for mining. AMD and Nvidia for sure hold a monopoly over other manufacturers when it comes to bitcoin mining. They both have an interesting and very hard task of meeting the requirements of miners alongside staying affordable. Hash rates are very important when it comes to mining and this is something that any buyer will look into first. Since almost all graphic cards contain similar hash rates that are around 30MH/s, the very next thing that grabs the attention is the cooling system. Since mining often means that the GPU will be up and running 24/7 it is important to have one that doesn’t overheat. Additionally, you want it to be economical in the sense of energy consumption for the same reason. This can add up to the budget very easily so miners will always pick a GPU that has low energy consumption and packs incredible amounts of power. These two should come along with not so big of the price.