Best Method to get at least One Good Tinder Profile Picture

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Many times we all are encountered with a situation when we told ourselves that “Damn! I don’t have a single.good looking picture of myself”. That’s the most probable situation when you downloaded any dating app for the first time. For me, it’s also a situation where I need to upload a good looking picture of myself in the blank spot. In dating apps, the image must be so appealing that it makes it people attract, wants to talk to you. And yes, not just one but a couple of good shots. But many of us don’t have any decent pictures for dating apps.

If you are also in this scenario and can relate this situation with yours, then this is the best guide for you to take good pictures of yourself for dating apps. There will be two types of image-making guide; one is for Home, and another one is for outside.

Following the below points, you will be capable of taking good pictures of yourself, that doesn’t seem like selfies.

Choose a Spot

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What is the best place to show your date in your whole house? Is that part of the spot on your Home have natural lights? If yes, then it’s bingo. If not later try to find alternatives. Must be thinking to use some light lamps or bright lights, right? But those artificial light can harm your face charm! Well, natural light is the best. Found one best spot? With all these requirements? Then you are ready to move to the next part. But before it cleans the room and makes it prettier.

Position Your Phone

For taking good pictures of you, that does not look like a selfie; you need someone to assist you. But you can use a simple tripod and timer to take good images from a specific distance. Else you can use the auto shutter to click good shots too.

Say “cheese”

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Now you are ready to go, fixed a right spot, propped up against your device then now a gentle and appealing smile is needed.

Taking Good Pictures of Yourself Outdoors

Now only some good shots in your Home or apartment won’t attract many dates. Better to live some fantastic outdoor mages too in your dating profiles. If you know the nearby place with a good background or fantastic view, you can take your tripod setup and visit to take some fantastic shots of yourself. If these don’t get you matches then we think it’s time for you to change the platform and shift to any other platform that can be chosen via

Selecting The Best Picture

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After taking numerous images, the hardest part arrives. You might have clicked dozens of good pictures, but you have to select 2 or 3 of them to your on your profile. Find out the blurry, fizzy, dizzy images and delete them. Now you must have only and some good pictures. Take the of your friends, or social media do rate which one is the best and use that on your Tinder of OkCupid profile.


Now you know how to take good pictures of yourself for your dating profiles without anyone’s help. Better to take good numbers of images and select some of them. Be classy, add some adventure in your photos too. Because swipe right or swipe left is 80% depending on your photo only.