Best Pubg Mobile Emulators


Nowadays, the craze of playing Battle games especially PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is at its peak. Millions of people especially the youth is playing this game in various formats, that is a solo, multiplayer, solo vs. squad, etc. Even for 2018, it is one of the best selling game.


People usually play it on their mobile device, but thinking of playing the same game on the pc screen is even amazing. Yes, the pubg mobile pc version is available, but you have to pay for it. But there is another way to play PUBG on pc for free. Yes, it is true and here is the detailed information about it.


1. Tencent Gaming Buddy


This emulator is specially designed to emulate PUBG mobile. With Tencent gaming buddy, one can comfortably play PUBG on their windows PC. We recommend this emulator because the same developers who developed PUBG design it.

You can control the game with the help of mouse and keyboard and optimize it completely. Yes, initially it may be difficult to operate, but once you are get used to it, no one can beat you. Even one can change the settings, layout, and configuration of mouse and keyboard for a better experience.

There is no need for high-end pc to use this emulator. Yes, you need a lower or higher graphics setting to enjoy this game. Undoubtedly the gaming experience will be better with high-end configuration pc. Yes, this emulator will help you to win chicken dinner on the big screen without any lagging.

2. Bluestack


Most of all user have heard the name of Bluestack as it is one of the mainstream and popular android emulator to emulate various apps on pc. Millions of user enjoying this outstanding emulator. One of the primary reasons behind its demand is it supports both Windows and Mac and upgrade regularly. Even it is compatible with the majority of the apps and PUBG is no exception. To play PUBG, you have two choices, either you pick the paid version or free version. The only exception is that the paid version is ads free.


This emulator will run your game smooth even on low end pcs. Using Gamepad, you can play this game, and it can launch multiple games at the same time. With this emulator, you must get stunning experience but yes, pick the latest version as old one cause too much of lagging. Also, you can download the PS4 Emulator For PC.

3. Memu


Memu is the new one in the market of android emulator; however, it managed to become popular among the users. The notable features and great speed are two main reasons why this emulator hold its place in this list.

When you open it, you can see a little older user interface where the menu is located on the right-hand side. And it is already preloaded with google play store so through the app itself you can download any app or even you can use the apk file.

Loaded with full features, this emulator is easy to use and enjoy the PUBG game on pc. It has great mapping features that can easily customize for the best gaming experience. It supports screenshot tool, full-screen mode, operation record, and auto updates.