Best Restaurants in Los Angeles

The City of Angels boasts a rich, dynamic diversity of international cuisines and some of the world’s most talented chefs. This urban expanse of skyscrapers, celebrity homes, palm trees, and light plays host to a vibrant restaurant scene, making LA one of America’s best dining destinations.

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Los Angeles is known for its great seasonal produce and access to ingredients. It’s also the hub of celebrity culture and hotspot for entertainment, fashion, arts, and creativity, making it an ideal place for restaurants to thrive. Here are some of the best restaurants in Los Angeles.


Located in the Arts District on a quiet corner away from most of the action is Bavel. You don’t go to Bavel just to cross it off your list of restaurants you have to try – Bavel is a restaurant you’ll frequent. It serves typical Middle Eastern dishes, but they’re not quite traditional.

Bavel’s menu is extensive, but don’t forget to try their hummus with duck ‘nduja and their signature dish, the Malawach, which is served with dill crème Fraiche, grated tomato, a soft-boiled egg, and strawberry zhoug. The vibe is refreshing, and the service is amicable.


Owned by Walter and Margarita Manzke, Republique is a real LA gem. They offer a swell breakfast-to-dinner menu that is sure to impress. There’s various food to indulge in, such as their lamb shank or beef short rib, salads, and French pasta.

They also have the best, fresh-baked bread you’ve ever had in your life, and their pork belly sausage sandwich is a must-try. It’s truly a culinary experience like no other. Be ready to enjoy some of the most exciting flavors from all over the world. You’ll be thinking about this restaurant for months after your first visit.


Since opening its doors in 2012 in the heart of the Arts District, Bestia is still operating at the highest level. Is Bestia busy? Yes. But you won’t regret the hassle of getting a reservation once you sample their incredible Italian food. While you’ll find plenty of new things on their menu, they still offer their most popular dishes.

They have the best charcuterie in Los Angeles. Don’t forget to sample their fantastic Neopolitan-style pizzas and inventive kinds of pasta.  Some of their most famous dishes are the alla’nduja pizza and the cavatelli. The food is excellent and well worth the wait.


Chef Niki Nakayama and partner Carole Lida bring fine dining to their guests through Japanese cuisine. As a kaiseki restaurant, N/naka is the perfect spot for one of the best, most refined dining experiences you’ll have in LA. Chef Niki Nakayama’s use of native Californian ingredients is impressive, and each dish on their 13-course menu is carefully crafted into an innovative creation.

Some of the menu items include shiitake mushrooms and ponzu; picked cod roe and black truffle; al dente spaghettini and abalone slices; carrot puree; toasted sunflower seeds and pristine scallop tartare coupled with sanbaizu gelee. Last-minute seating may be available at odd hours, but you’ll need to make a reservation, often weeks or even months in advance.


Rossoblu is a visually impressive Italian dining spot. The warm and welcoming atmosphere is apparent the moment you walk in. An all-gold bar and modern dining room make it one of the most attractive spaces in the city, and everything on their menu is fantastic.

Start with the eggplant appetizer, charcuterie, and the swiss chard tart. Then move on to the pappardelle and the tagliatelle. From there, choose the llario’s Grigliata and some Santa Barbara spot prawns for the main course. The gelato torta is an excellent way to end your meal. Most restaurants try to excel in a specialty, but at Rossoblu, you’ll get pretty much any meal you desire.


Pizzana brings something different to LA’s pizza scene. Daniele Uditi, the chef of this chic restaurant, isn’t afraid to try new flavor combinations and incorporate techniques that reflect LA’s diversity. The pizzas are thin-crusted and doughy with a mix of traditional and non-traditional toppings. Be sure to try their Westside-friendly salads, unforgettable desserts, and well-executed antipasti (meatballs, burrata, and chicken liver pate). Despite being consistently busy, it’s a modern, fun place to eat.


Chef John Yao’s little tasting menu restaurant, hidden in the corner of a strip mall in West LA, has risen the ranks to become one of LA’s top restaurants. Expect to find a Taiwanese steam fish inspired by his mom’s recipe.

The menu is mostly seafood-focused, drawing inspiration from Yao’s Asian American upbringing. You don’t get a choice in what you eat, as the menu constantly changes, but prepare yourself for a great adventure. Their a la carte fried chicken sandwich is arguably one of the best in LA.

Night + Market Song

This colorful Northern Thai spot is a restaurant everyone who’s been to LA should experience. It features a cadre of excellent Thai dishes, such as Bangkok mall pasta, pork toro, and larb. Other Thai classics include Chang Rai herb sausage, turmeric coated whole fish, and Khao soi curry noodles.

Their delightfully spicy and crispy rice salad is to die for. You should also try their party wings (battered, deep-fried, slightly spicy, salty, saucy wings). There’s no such thing as a bad order at Night + Market Song.

Alta Adams

Alta Adams is a special spot in West Adams. From the moment you walk in, you feel at home. Begin your meal with the black-eyed pea fritters and cornbread, and then move to the meats. They’re all excellent, which can make it difficult to order. The bone-in pork chops come with a picked vegetable chow; the skillet-fried chicken is near perfect, and the smothered hanger steak, topped with thick gravy, will leave you in wonder. But their signature dish, which is also the most popular, is their oxtails and rice. The meat is tender and delicate, cooked to perfection.