Best Teams In The NFC Going Into Training Camp

NFC has been competitive each and every year in the recent memory. We always have a clue who are going to be the best teams in the conference, but we end up surprised each season. In 2015 the Carolina Panthers ended up playing in the Super Bowl as they went 15-1 when everybody expected them to be a .500 team.

Last year, everybody knew that the Falcons are a good squad, but they weren’t consistent in the past while also struggling in the Playoffs. Well, they blew out everybody on their way to the Super Bowl where they were up 28-3 at the end of the third quarter. They couldn’t finish the job though.

This year, we kind of have a clue about which teams are going to be good in the NFC. We are going to talk about three teams that are the biggest threats to play in the Super Bowl LII while we are also going to name a few sleeper squads as well.

Sleepers: Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals, New York Giants.

ATLANTA FALCONS – They had an amazing season, and all of their pieces are back. That offense was so powerful that we can’t imagine them dropping the level of play in 2017 even though their OC bolted for San Fran. The defense was young and quick last year, but maybe a bit too young. Now they have more experience, another summer, and training camp under their belt so they should be a force in 2017.

DALLAS COWBOYS – You don’t go 13-3 and grab the number one overall seed if you aren’t a great football squad. While we don’t think that the Dallas Cowboys will win 13 games again in 2017, we believe that they will make the Playoffs and be a legit threat to find themselves playing in early February. This is a good team who’s window of opportunity is still wide open.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS – They are always a legit threat to win it all each and every year. The defense is not as good as they were a few years back, but they are still one of the best that NFL has to offer. Wilson will be healthy at the start of the season, so we expect this offense to pick up their play. Jimmy Graham looked much better in his second year with Seattle, so we can expect a good performance from this team in 2017.