Best Things To Do In Sydney


Sydney has an excess of charming and picturesque nature destinations that a lot of tourists want to visit during a lengthy vacation. So to make things easier for first-time travellers, we’ve picked some of the best things you can do while you are in Sydney.

Blue Mountains National Park

This is a UNESCO World Heritage site that you can easily go to once you’re in Sydney. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and is just a short ways away from the city. Even locals come here to escape the city and immerse themselves in nature due to the eucalyptus scent wafting in the air and enjoy the hiking trail where you can explore the wilderness and discover aboriginal rock paintings.

Manly Beach

If you’re looking forward to a gastronomic experience, then feast on mouth-watering seafood at Manly. Make sure not to miss out on a favorite Aussie dish, the Fish and chips, because there are heaps of shops selling them. You may also visit the Sea Life Sanctuary to discover tropical fishes, sea turtles and sharks. One of the most uniquely interesting water activities you can try here is to dive with the sharp-toothed predators themselves!

 Royal National Park

It is the second oldest national park in the whole world which is rimmed with 21km of surfing beaches that makes it very popular amongst beach lovers and avid surfers. It attracts a lot of tourists who plan to go swimming, fishing, snorkelling and even whale watching. Aside from water activities, you’ll find locals having picnics and bushwalking since the park has nature attractions due to the local wildlife and aboriginal rock arts.

Tobruk Sheep Station

Located in Hawkesbury River Valley, you will have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Aussie culture when you visit Tobruk Sheep Station. You can watch local stockmen skilfully gather a herd of sheep with their well-trained sheepdogs. A favourite activity here is learning how to bake traditional Australian bread over a crackling fire. And if that’s not enough to satisfy your curiosity with the country’s food scene, you can enjoy an authentic Australian barbecue and have some Lamington cake for dessert after.

Madame Tussauds

After seeing Sydney’s best natural wonders, you can head on to somewhere more touristy but is still quite a unique destination. There are not a lot of Madame Tussauds museums in the world so visiting the Sydney exhibit can be an exciting experience for you. See icons from history and pop culture brought to life through the wax. But more than just the personalities you can see in the museum, you can also appreciate the detail and art that went into creating each one.

Grounds Keeper Cafe

To cap off an adventurous Sydney trip, you can relax at the Grounds Keeper Cafe found in Ryde Park. Here, not only can you enjoy a good cup of joe, but they offer an extensive menu of burgers, wraps, and their signature dishes. This is the perfect ending to the trip, just munching on good food in the middle of Sydney’s most visited parks.

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