An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Best Toner Cartridge

Whether you are a first-time purchaser or have been doing this on your own for years. There are always some questions lingering at the back of your head. These include ‘how you can choose the best toner for your printer’, ‘what to buy’ or ‘from where to buy and so on. Just like everything else, it becomes particularly important to make sure that you have the right toner cartridge for the laser printer or copiers.

However, you need not worry, as we are here to help you find the quality and reliable cartridges. We are an expert in the field and you can buy premium quality cartridges at an affordable price. Keeping in mind your concern, here we are discussing some factors that will help you choose the best toner cartridge for your needs.

Whether to Choose Black or Coloured Toner

Deciding whether you would like to buy a colour, or a black cartridge is the first, and perhaps the most significant step. The question you need to know the answer to is, whether you make coloured or black prints daily or not? If you mostly work with black printing, then a black one would be the right and best choice. Also, it is relatively cheap when compared to the colour ones. However, if you are an institution or organization, there are times when you need colour prints, so, the coloured toner cartridge is the best option. For instance, when submitting assignments, where the logo and letterhead need to be in colour print, and the rest of the text in black, then coloured is your best bet. It is because when you get your hands on the coloured ones, you will eventually end up getting the black prints also.

Page Yield

One of the most important factors when buying toner cartridge is to check the page yield. It is very much possible that you would always want to print the maximum number of sheets that you can. To get some information about this, you can check the product codes of the cartridge which shows ‘X’ on it. This shows that they are the high yield ones. Put it another way, the page yield is determined by considering a normal coverage of 5 per cent per page.


Which model do you use?

Whenever purchasing a toner, this should always be your first concern, since numerous printer models and printing devices only work with specific cartridges. You should know that most of these come with a manufacturer’s number marked on them. One certainly can use this number to order the same cartridge whether they are getting it online or from the local store so that it compatible with your printer and no issue arises when fixing and making prints.

Choose the One with Warranty

Just like all the electronic accessories that you buy from the market with warranty, toner cartridges also come with warranties. As the probability of cartridge malfunctioning is very minimal, a successful manufacturer who insists on performance would not hesitate to give a long warranty. So, buy the cartridges from the manufacturer who offers warranties on their products. For starters, most OEM toner cartridges have a one-year guarantee, whereas remanufactured versions have a guarantee of 30-90 days.

Look for the Right Size Toner Cartridge

The toners are sized based on their function and how they intend to be used. It is really necessary, thus, to make sure that you should buy the correct type for your needs. By inspecting the label found on the side of the frame, you can identify the appropriate model of your cartridge. The printer manual available with your printer will provide the data if in case, the sticker is not readable or is absent. In addition to this, if you are still uncertain of the model that you should buy, then speak to the dealer. They will surely be able to help you choose the best toner cartridge from which is of the right size of your printer.

Pick the Right Type

Currently, you will come across lots of different options available on the market, unlike the past. Compatible, OEM and remanufactured versions are the principal types of laser toner cartridges that you will surely find. Now you need to choose which one is your option. For that, we need to take a deep look at it.

Compatible/Generic Toner Cartridges

These are the non-branded ones that are used for a certain set of printers only. The cost of these cartridges is quite less as compared to original ones. A word of warning, though: lower-quality labels can trigger system performance issues and yield lower print quality. This one certainly is the best option when it comes to affordability. We advise that you buy original ones only.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

OEM is the toner cartridge which is manufactured by the same company that manufactures the equipment. These cartridges are distinguished by high-quality printing and durability, which is why they are typically more costly than others.

Remanufactured Toner Cartridges

Cartridges that are remanufactured are frequently confused with the compatible ones. They are somewhat similar, but one principle that differs is that refurbished ones are a type that is renovated with new materials. For those that are environmentally minded, they are a cost-effective printing option.

Refill Cartridges

It is also quite common to mistake refill cartridges with the above-mentioned remanufactured ones. Remanufacturing requires removing the cartridge’s worn pieces and add in new ones to bring it back to a working condition, whereas refilling involves refilling the ink. As opposed to the OEM cartridges, this is the cheapest choice, however, consumers will have to sacrifice on the print quality.

You certainly need to have the right toner cartridge to make sure that you get the best quality prints for your business or institution. To find the right toner cartridge and achieve significant value for your money, use the above-mentioned tips, and find a reputable supplier to source your component.