Best Wooden Gifts in 2019

Gifts are always welcome no matter if it is holiday season or an upcoming birthday of your loved ones. Of course, we can’t forget that anniversary and Valentine’s day ask for adequate gifts as well! Now, the thing about gifts is that while it is awesome for a person to receive it can get pretty tiring for the one buying it. When we are young gifts like regular perfumes, a book or a board game are a no-miss and you don’t need to think a lot before going to that birthday party. But as we age getting the right gift is much harder as the person you are intending it to probably already has a lot of stuff that would usually be your idea. That is why you want to customize and get creative and believe us wooden gifts are one of the best custom gift options you can go for.

Wooden gifts are fun and unique, and these are sure to last quite a long time (if properly used and stored course). Along with that, as many online shops are offering you the option to buy custom wooden gifts you can find ones at a fair and reasonable price and surprise your loved ones without breaking your budget!

Without further ado let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the best wooden gift options out there.

Surprise Your Loved Ones With A Wooden Gift

  1. Wooden Wine Glasses. These eco-friendly glasses are going to be a great gift whether it is for your partner or your friend/family member. A set of two black walnut glasses that are suitable for any drinking occasion and will add an extra feel to that great chardonnay or cabernet bottle!
  1. Wooden Elephant. Wooden statues should always be your go-to option and what is cuter than a wooden elephant standing at a desk. This small handcrafted statue is a unique gift and something that can even have a deeper meaning especially if the person that you are giving the gift to loves animals and enjoys nature!
  1. Wood Map Coasters. Can it get much better than drinking from the surface of your town-place? These wooden coasters are a great way to surprise a person that is far away from home and wants to feel back once again. Custom designed the coaster has town name, and date of establishing on it, and is sure to last many drinking sessions being made out of cedar wood!
  1. Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock. Well, if your partner/friend/family member is into technology and Apple products than this are the right gift for them. A beautiful wooden charging dock that can be on great use whether on a travel trip or in the comfort of their home!


  1. Reclaimed Wood Book Stand. Now, who doesn’t like a nice book stand that will come in really handy especially if you have hours of reading that lie ahead?

  1. Personalized Whiskey Barrel. If the recipient of what should be your gift is a fan of whiskey than it can’t get much better than this. A miniature oak wooden barrel that will bring favorite spirit drink to its prime before you even notice it. As it is smaller the aging process goes much faster and they are sure to enjoy a whiskey like no else!
  1. Wooden Chess Set. Last but not least on our list is a wooden chess set. Of course, you should gift this to someone who likes playing chess and believe us it will probably one of the best things they got so far. Beautiful wooden figures and a hand-crafted board is what every chess enthusiast would love to have!


The above mentioned are just a few of what are great wooden gift ideas. So go ahead, do your research and surprise the person you love with a unique and fancy wooden gift!