Better Option For Denver – Tony Romo Or Trevor Siemian?

Even though Jerry Jones is practically in love with Tony Romo, his cap space is just a bit too much for the Cowboys to handle and do nothing about. They can’t afford to have their backup quarterback on the books for that much money. So, there are two possible scenarios. Dallas might put him in the lineup over Prescott next season, or they will trade Romo.

Denver seems like a decent option. But, they have just drafted Paxton Lynch, and they already have Trevor Siemian as a starting quarterback. So, is Tony Romo really a better option? We are going to say no, and we have some good arguments to back up our answer.

There is no doubt about the fact that Romo is a better quarterback than Siemian right now. Still, his health is a big concern. Because of that, he seems like a rental for the Denver Broncos. They could take on his deal, and the cap hit will be 14M, but they could use that money to bolster their defensive line that looked flat during the second half of the season.

They have two young quarterbacks, and they need to develop them first. Them sitting behind Romo won’t do anything good for these guys and for the frnachise. Siemian has finished his first year as a starter with 18 TDs and 10 INTs. Not bad. He has the weapons around his that are pretty good, Thomas and Sanders are still going to be available as two dynamic pass catchers, and Siemian has proven that he can deliver the ball to them.

At the end of the day, Siemian can still improve and prove to be the answer at the quarterback position for this team. If the Broncos go with Romo, they might find themselves looking for a quarterback again, just a year from now.