There Are Better Quarterbacks Available In 2017 Than Tony Romo


Ever since Dak Prescott emerged as the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, people started talking about the options for Tony Romo and which team should make a move for him. We could hear many talking about this and analysis about what would some other franchises need to give up in order to get him.

Well, we are asking a bit different question. Why bother making an offer for a 35-year-old injury-prone quarterback that is making a whole lot of money and who’s contract is going to hit your cap pretty hard. Why wouldn’t you go for guys like Tyrod Taylor, Kirk Cousins, and Jimmy Garoppolo?

The cheapest option here is Tyrod Taylor as he won’t demand as much money as Cousins and as much trade pieces that a guy like Garoppolo will cost. He can make plays with his legs and his arm. Bills are unsure if they should bring him back, so that will be a good chance for a team that needs a quarterback to bring him in.

Cousins had an amazing year and you know he is going to get paid in the offseason. Washinton might not bring him back, so there is a chance for other squads to jump in there and make a move for Redskins’ signal caller.

Jimmy Garoppolo is a golden boy right now. We saw what he can do, and the teams are going to start calling the Patriots. They are a smart franchise, and they won’t be the ones to make a move for him. If they do that, they are putting the price on Garoppolo. They are going to make other teams offer them something and maybe even overpay for a guy like Jimmy-G. He is a great option for a crew that is looking for a signal caller.