The Big Bang Theory News and Updates – The future of the show

After Season 10 was finished, the actors of the famous TV show “The Big Bang Theory” had their contracts ended. Among these actors, there were three big stars, Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons and Kaly Cuoco. However, the rumor now has it that the three will be renewing their deals.

Fans of the show are more than happy for having the hope of their favorite show return. To them, it seems that too much time has passed in waiting. The lack of presence of these actors has been largely felt.

In his talk with an Entertainment Weekly, Johnny Galecki shared his feelings related to the future of the show. He said that the possibility of its eleventh season is big and that writers of the show also feel excited because they can provide sufficient material for it to happen.

The audience sees this new season as the opportunity for their beloved actors to round up their character, i.e. to complete their circle.

The fans concentrated on Howard and Bernadette for instance. Their hatred towards mothers was something that put them closer, and that was the prime focus and theme of their lives in the series. However, now that they have a daughter, the new season could be used to direct their relationship to them alone.

Galecki also expressed his satisfaction as he thinks that the series will last longer. He said that the show writers were more than willing to write additional episodes.

Episode 15 of season 10 will come out on Feb. 9, 2017.