Big Hero 7 Release Date and Latest News

In 2015, one year after the release of Big Hero 6, Stan Lee, a comic book legend, confirmed in an interview with Toronto Sun that the sequel will definitely be made and probably released in not so distant future. Bearing this in mind, fans have been expecting to hear more about the sequel and its possible release date ever since.

Soon after his first announcement, Lee also hinted that they would probably start to work on Big Hero 7 only after Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Since the latter is set to hit theaters on April 25 this year, we expect to find out more specific details about the sequel soon enough, but read on to see what we’ve learned about it so far.

Chris Williams and Don Hall, directors of Big Hero 6, have not revealed much about their upcoming project, as expected, but they have hinted that audience will most certainly be amazed at Baymax’s extraordinary character. When it comes to other characters, some rumors suggest that Tadashi is not really dead and he will appear again in the sequel, and not for some noble reason, but to take revenge on Hiro, his own brother.


When it comes to the cast for Big Hero 7, some new members are expected to make an appearance. Ryan Potter will most likely return to voice Baymax, and Daniel Henney will once again voice Tadashi. According to MoviePilot’s Jon Negroni, there is also one character of the original Big Hero 6 comic book version that will join the rest of the team in the movie (Sunfire), but we still don’t know who might hide behind this character.

Big Hero 7 Release Date

Unfortunately, the Big Hero 7 release date has not been announced yet, not even the potential one, but some people have speculated that it might be released between 2017 and 2019. Until we find out more reliable information, you can enjoy the Big Hero 6 TV series, which has been confirmed to air on Disney XD channel. Follow us for more details.

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