Big Match Confirmed For Wrestlemania!

We knew that WWE was planning to do Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon battle against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in order to solve their issues. This has been a great feud, and this match is one of the things that a lot of fans are looking forward to the most.

It’s not only about Daniel Bryan coming back to action, but it is also about the fact that the WWE Universe actually cares about the two heels that are going to be battling it out with SD Live’s general manager. When you add Shane McMahon on top of that, a guy that people always liked, you have a great match in the making.

But, there was a small problem that could have prevented this match from happening. You have probably noticed that Shane O-Mac wasn’t on the show last week and the week before. Yes, the WWE played out that injury angle that they did with him, but he was also battling some real-life problems.

According to the reports, Shane had a hernia and was in real danger of missing the Mania. We don’t know how he was able to deal with that this quickly without surgery, but it seems that he is good to go.

That is not all. The rumors have swirled around about him battling the diverticulitis, which is a serious problem. Most of the people have a lot of trouble getting up from the bed and doing basic things during the day when they have diverticulitis, but again, it seems that Shane is fine and that the match is still on as he said that he is medically cleared to compete in the ring. All of this means that the clash is still on.