Big News On Why John Cena vs. Braun Strowman Happened Last Week


John Cena has had a lot of success in the WWE in the last couple of years even though he has been a part-timer. Some of the matches that he has put together recently were great, especially when he put a lot of guys over. Last week, we have seen another big John Cena duel that could have easily been booked for a pay per view, even for a show like Wrestlemania as he was going up against Braun Strowman, one of the bigger stars of Monday Night Raw.

There are a lot of fans that don’t like when WWE books those kinds of matchups for Monday Night Raw or Smackdown Live as they could easily be showcased on a pay per view. But, since we learned why have they done this battle on Raw, we can say that they have made a good decision by having this match take place at that event.


Strowman has looked dominant ever since he had that great showing at Summerslam against primarily Brock Lesnar. He even showcased his strength last week when Brock did a suplex but Braun was untouched. Then, we have seen the continuation of WWE building him up as he has dominated Cena and then has taken him out with the help of the steel steps.

The WWE has done this angle as they needed to write off Cena from the show as he is going to be doing live events in Asia for the WWE this week. This was a good way of doing that as it gets Braun over representing an unstoppable monster while it helps Cena to have an excuse for why he is not going to be present at the go-home show for the No Mercy pay per view that will take place on Sunday, September 24th.