Big Plans For Lana In The Near Future

As we have seen on this past edition of Smackdown Live, Lana made her debut for the blue brand when she interrupted all six women that were standing in the ring. She wanted to know whether or not she is going to be a part of the first-ever Money in the Bank match that is going to take place in less than 10 days. It was a legit question since there are usually six superstars that are battling for the briefcase. With Naomi not being in the fray as the champion, she could easily enter the match.

But, it seems that WWE has other plans for her near future. As of right now, the likely route that the company is going to take is the one in which Lana is going to be the challenger for Naomi’s WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship. That match is going to be held at the MITB pay per view. This will likely become official next week as it is a go-home show for the event on Sunday.


As far as her long-term future is concerned, it seems that they want her to be a heel. That is much easier said than done as she is probably going to get a lot of babyface reactions as a hot dancer and generally loveable WWE personality.

It seems that she now has the gimmick that the company planned Eva Marie to use. Since she is going to be leaving the WWE in order to pursue her acting career, the character that she was supposed to use is now going to become something that Lana is going to employ as to further develop her character on the blue brand.