Big Plans For Monday Night Raw Star!


Jason Jordan is coming over from Smackdown Live to Monday Night Raw as Kurt Angle’s son has been a bit of a letdown. The dude can wrestle, there is no doubt about that. We have seen what this guy is capable off in the ring when he performed with people like John Cena and Braun Strowman. He can bring the pain in the ring, and he does it with ease.

But sometimes it’s not just about your in-ring skill. You got to have a character that is intriguing, that people want to support or boo for the right reasons. In his case, as a babyface, he is not getting the reaction that WWE wanted. Grant it, he has been really good both on the mic and in the ring over the past couple of weeks, and the fans are starting to warm up to him. It’s going to be a slow process, though.

Since he is not getting cheered the way WWE planned, the logical move was to turn him heel. According to the reports, it seems that the company wanted to pick that route. Then, something changed.

An injury to Dean Ambrose was something that got him a new role on Monday Night Raw. The booking team and Vince decided that it is best for him to be involved with Seth Rollins and carry the tag team championships as a babyface duo.

That is going to prolong his heel turn. The company wanted to put Finn Balor in this spot, but they decided that they are going to keep pushing Jordan. It makes more sense for him to be here since he was involved with Rollins and Joe a couple of weeks ago.