Big Spoiler For The Next NXT Takeover Main Event!

The advantage that Monday Night Raw and Smackdown Live have over NXT is the fact that they are going live each and every Monday and Tuesday. If we want to find out what is going to happen, we need to either watch it or read about it later after it already happened. On the other hand, NXT is taped and what we see on Wednesdays took place a couple of weeks before we had a chance to watch it.

Because of the fact that NXT shows are taped, we can easily find out what happens before watching it, which is a problem for the company as fewer people are then tuning in on the WWE Network to watch the show.


There are always spoilers for the NXT events, but not a lot of people are paying attention to the spoilers since nothing big usually happens. On top of that, as soon as something big does happen, everybody writes about it, and the people that follow wrestling actually can’t avoid finding out these most important moments during the tapings.

Now, we know who is going to be the challenger for Andrade Cien Almas‘ NXT Championship during the NXT Takeover Philly that is going to take place during the Royal Rumble weekend. It’s going to be Johnny Gargano who will fight with Andrade for the NXT Championship in January.

He is a good choice for the WWE as there is a chance that Ciampa comes back and costs him the title. That is the most likely scenario. Johnny is not going to job out to Andrade while Cien Almas is still going to get his heel win and have a successful title defense. These two guys will have a great match in January that is going to benefit both of them in the long run.