Big Update On Jeff Hardy And His Comeback!

There was a lot of excitement among the fans when Jeff and Matt Hardy made their return to the WWE. Everybody was excited as the brothers, who became really popular outside of the WWE thanks to the Broken gimmick, made their return after seven years being away from the company.

But, if we take a look at the past year that they have been back, we can say that their run is somewhat disappointing. The first month or so was good, but the tag team division was generally pretty weak, they didn’t have a real feud and became a nostalgia act pretty quickly.

When you add the fact that they weren’t broken, or awoken, at the time, there is no doubt that the fans were left wanting more.

Eventually, Matt did get his gimmick back. By the time that happened, Jeff was long gone with the injuries. The original plans for him probably didn’t include Jeff becoming broken, or awoken since Vince liked his size in today’s WWE. Back in the day, he looked smaller compared to the other guys that were there, but now, he is one of the bigger people in the ring.

Unfortunately, the injury stopped his run. In an update on Jeff and his status with the company, it has been said that he is going to be at the WWE’s Performance Center next week in order to prepare for his return to the television. Hardy was even in the Ultimate deletion filming last week, but there is really no word on whether or not WWE is going to edit him out of that segment because he has had some trouble with the police since he has been arrested for the DUI. We need to wait until next week to check that segment out.