Big Update On The Future Of AJ Styles

AJ Styles is one of the most popular wrestlers on the WWE roster. Even when he was a heel, the fans were cheering for him to succeed. The company actually had no choice but to turn him face and give him the WWE title in the end, even though they probably originally planned to keep it on Jinder Mahal for a couple of months more than he had it.

Now, AJ is going to Wrestlemania as a champion, and he is going to be defending his championship against Shinsuke Nakamura. That battle is actually going to determine his direction going forward. Dave Meltzer of the F4WOnline has talked about Styles and his future on the Smackdown Live brand.

According to him, he should lose the match to Nakamura at Mania. There is almost no way that he is going to win that clash, and we agree with him there. Nakamura is the next one to be the champion, and WWE needs to make him look as good as possible. It is going to be his first Wrestlemania and the moment is going to be big.

That leaves Styles without a title and really without somebody to feud with. A transfer to the red brand is likely going to happen, according to Dave. They wanted to move him last year, so there is no way that he is going to remain on the blue brand.

If that happens, it seems that Seth Rollins is going to go the other way, or somebody like him. Maybe the WWE picks Samoa Joe, who can always feud with Nakamura and give us some great matches. That is also an option for sure. As far as AJ goes, he is likely going to be on Raw.