Biggest Reasons Why Dallas Lost To The Packers

Before all the Dallas Cowboys say that the refs are the biggest reason behind this loss, let’s start off by saying that referees made some questionable calls all game long, there is no doubt about that. They did miss some calls that would have benefited the Cowboys, but they also missed a couple of obvious holdings and pass interferences that would help the Packers.

Now, when we got that out the way, let’s start off by saying that this Dallas defensive line wasn’t able to put enough pressure on Aaron Rodgers in the first half of the game. They got better later on as they dropped him a couple of times.

The second thing is letting Aaron out of the pocket. We all know that he is the best when he is throwing on the run, making all kinds of angles with his hand and flinging that football with amazing accuracy. Ironically, that cost them at the end of the match on that throw to Cook.

But the biggest thing was not giving the ball to Zeke enough. Even though they made it back into the duel as the teams were tied at 28, Jason Garrett made some questionable calls when he was giving the ball to Prescott instead of Zeke. He is the one that has been special all season long, and he should have gotten even more attempts. You got to respect the hand that fed you all season long. It was obvious that Packers defense couldn’t stop the run.