Who Are The Biggest All-Star Snubs In 2017?


There are only 12 spots on the All-Stat team on each squad, and it’s not easy to be nominated. There are always those guys that are on the verge of making it, but due to the lack of roster spots, they get left out and snubbed. This year is no exception to that rule. Here are biggest snubs for this round.

Rudy Gobert – Utah Jazz are playing great basketball, and Rudy Gobert is one of the best centers in the NBA this season, but one Clipper needed to make it and it was DeAndre Jordan. Jazz are just not good enough for them to have two All-Stars and that’s why Rudy was left of the team.


Damian Lillard – Blazers’ star guard is averaging over 26 points per game this season, but Portland has kind of fallen flat not showing many signs of prosperity. They are not playing great team basketball, and Lillard is not as efficient as he should be. That’s why he is left of the crew, even though he is posting All-Star caliber numbers.

Joel Embiid – Sixers’ center is definitely the biggest snub in the East. He is posting figures that should allow him to be a part of the All-Star duel and is by far the best player on Philly, but he probably has missed too many games for coaches to vote him in over a guy like Paul Milsap who has been consistent for a much better team. Still, Embiid has the whole future ahead of him, so he will have a lot of chances to become an All-Star.


Chris Paul – It’s the same criteria for him as the criteria for Embiid. He has missed some matches this season, and that’s probably why voters went with a guy like Jordan who has been on the floor in every duel, is one of the NBA’s leading rebounders and as well as one of the best defenders in the league.