Who Is The Biggest Threat To The New England Patriots?


Even though Patriots lost Rob Gronkowski to the injury, it looks like they are still the team to beat in the AFC. Well, probably the best squad in the NFL. AFC has some good teams that will make the Playoffs, but we see only one of those that could actually knock off the Patriots if they do get the home field advantage that everybody expects them to have.

Kansas City Chiefs are that team. They are not going to turn the ball over and beat themselves. This defense is putting the pressure on opposing quarterbacks and making them think quickly and limiting their time to make the play. Solid defense is what you need to have if you want to beat the Pats and that is what we saw so far from Chiefs.

Their offensive firepower is questionable, but they are a good all-around football team that is not going to take all the risks and do things that could easily hurt them.


Patriots are still the biggest favorites in the AFC. If the Chiefs get the chance to play them at Arrowhead, that’s a whole another story. That is the place in which they could actually be considered as favorites.

But, if the road to Super Bowl has to go through Gillette Stadium, the Chiefs are your best but nowhere near a safe bet. Raiders, Steelers, and those other teams can’t stop Brady in Foxboro. Chiefs are the only squad that potentially could.