Bill Belichick Has No Time For “Garoppolo Storyline”

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New England Patriots were able to steal the game from Cardinals in Arizona with the first-time starter Jimmy Garoppolo at Quarterback for the 4-time Super Bowl champions. He did have a good showing and looked really good in his first start, a lot of people are praising him right now including his own teammates, but Bill Belichick doesn’t want to do that in the media. He probably did congratulate him on his great first win as a starter, but that’s it.

Patriots head coach called it “a grinding week,” and he praised his team for beating the Cardinals 23:21 in teams’ season opener. But the hot topic is Jimmy Garoppolo and his performance. Well, at least it is a hot topic for everyone else outside Bill Belichick.

When asked to comment on Jimmy G’s performance and poise in the pocket, especially on that last drive to put the Pats ahead with a field goal, he simply said “good”.

He wanted to talk about his team overall, and he doesn’t want to praise individual performances as he is all about the team. And he always has been like that.

“I’m really, really concerned about the storyline”, Belichick said with his sarcastic tone. “There’s really nothing higher on my list than the storyline tomorrow. We beat a good team on the road. We’ve got a lot of work to do. That’s all of us: coaching, playing, offense, defense, special teams. That’s what I saw in the game. But I can’t wait to read about it tomorrow.

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Belichick knows that a lot of people will ask him about what will happen when Tom Brady comes back after his 4-game suspension, and he wants to try and avoid all of those Quarterback controversy questions that will for sure come if Garoppolo keeps delivering performances like the one we have seen against Arizona.