Bill Goldberg Returning At Wrestlemania?


Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal has been somewhat of a disappointing match during Wrestlemania. It was hyped when it first happened a couple of years ago, and the announcers are always talking about it like it is some kind of a big deal, but it is usually just a match in which there are guys who don’t have anything else to do at Mania. It is a way to get them on the show and for them to receive that Wrestlemania payday.

The winners that WWE picked have also been somewhat questionable as Mojo Rawley is not your number one choice to win the match before it starts. But, the only worse thing than that is the fact that they haven’t pushed them after winning that match nor did they go on to do big things in the WWE.

The company is mentioning the winner a couple of weeks after the Mania and then it all stops. We are going to have this battle again this year and the winner that they are likely going to pick is surprising.


Bill Goldberg is rumored to return and win Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal this year in New Orleans. They want to push this event as they have an up-and-coming documentary on HBO coming out that is about Andre the Giant.

They even want to continue pushing this event in years to come as they feel like that is going to open more opportunities for them to work with HBO and the guy that is behind all of these documentaries – Bill Simmons.

That is why the company wants to have a notable name winning the battle this year. In their minds, Bill Goldberg is the best choice for that.