Black Adam Solo Movie Confirmed

One of the highly anticipated superhero movies, “Shazam!” is still much speculated about, as there are so many details that are still kept under wraps. However, one thing is for sure – Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema obviously do not regret choosing Dwayne Johnson for the role of Black Adam in the upcoming action movie as they have recently announced that there will be one more new title. According to those reports, a Black Adam standalone film is planned and in that one The Rock will also star, only this time in the lead role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, New Line Cinema decided to give Black Adam his own DC movie after their recent meetings with the superstar actor. They realized that it was not enough to just feature Black Adam in the new Shazam movie, as that way this complex character could not be properly portrayed. In addition to this, there is also an assumption that Johnson’s permanently rising popularity was another reason for developing a Black Adam solo movie since the actor was not such a big star in 2009, when they chose him for the role, as he is now.

A couple of days ago, Borys Kit of The Hollywood Reporter explained Black Adam’s appearance in Shazam movies on his Twitter: “The plan is for the first SHAZAM! movie not to have Black Adam as the villain although he would/could appear in one down the road.” Following this post, he also added: “Also, don’t rule out an appearance by Black Adam in AQUAMAN as a tease. Not saying it will happen, just don’t rule it out.” So, perhaps we should expect to see Black Adam on screen in not so distant future. Or at least sooner than we could imagine.

Unfortunately, there are still no information about possible, let alone exact release dates of these two movies. Moreover, neither the screenwriter nor the director have been appointed for the Black Adam film. The two DC’s entries that have their release dates set are “The Flash” (July 27, 2018) and “Aquaman” (October 5, 2018).